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Fortnite iKonik Skin: What it Looks Like, Release Date & How to Get it

Fortnite, iKonik Skin

Fortnite iKonik Skin: What it Looks Like, Release Date & How to Get it

What the iKonik Skin Looks Like in Fortnite, and How to Get It

As one of the top mobile games on the market, it is no surprise that Epic Games and Samsung are once again teaming up to bring players exclusive Fortnite content. This time around, those who purchase a Samsung Galaxy S10e, S10+, or S10 will get their hands on an iKonik skin.

Before you get your hands on the skin, you’ll need to know a few basic things about it. Here is everything you need to know about the iKonik Sin in Fortnite, including its release date, what it looks like, and how to get it.

Like the Galaxy skin before it, this unique look is only going to be available for Samsung mobile users. Alongside the iKonik skin, players will also receive an emote called Scenario upon purchase.

What it Looks Like and Release Date

iKonik’s look and accompanying emote are based on K-Pop, specifically iKON member Jung Chanwoo. If you’re unfamiliar with his get-up, he and the skin sport a black and red facemask, short sleeve hoodie, and shorts, with a white base layer for the arms and black sleeves for the legs.

So when can you redeem this awesome new outfit? While it was originally scheduled to release on on March 8, Epic pushed it back a few days.

Now, Fortnite and Samsung will be hosting an event in New York City featuring a collaboration between well-known Twitch streamer Ninja and iKON star Jung Chanwoo. The duo will play Fortnite together on Saturday, March 16, unveiling both the new skin, as well as a new map.

How to Unlock it

As we mentioned before, the only way to actually be able to access this skin is by playing Fortnite on a Samsung phone. Once the release date does arrive for those users, you’ll have to log into your Epic Games account.

Similar to the Galaxy skin, players will have to play at least three games of Battle Royale before the iKonik skin shows up as a gift box in there inventory. Now that you know how to unlock it, all you have to do is be patient.

That is everything you need to know about the iKonik skin in Fortnite. Be sure to check back for more information, including our in-depth Fortnite guide wiki.

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