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Division 2 Year 1 Pass Details: What It Is, Release Date & More

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Division 2 Year 1 Pass Details: What It Is, Release Date & More

Everything You Need to Know About The Division 2’s Year 1 Pass: Release Date and Details

The Division 2 is here and players are diving into its solid open world, looter-shooter gameplay. Considering it’s a “live” game, fans are already wondering what’s next. Let’s go over, then, what the Year 1 Pass details are for The Division 2 and how the paid content will work.

It’s worth noting right from the start that all major DLC and content updates, in terms of gameplay experiences, will be free. This is likely being done to not segment and break up the playerbase for new activities that the developers are going to want everyone to enjoy to keep them playing.

However, there is still a Year 1 Pass that will include some exclusive content and perks. The exact timeline of all this content is still yet to be revealed, but here’s what we know is included:

1. Seven Day Early Access to Year 1 Episodes

This is the core gameplay stuff we were talking about. All players will get it eventually, but if you buy into the Year 1 Pass, you will be able to get a head start on everyone else.

2. Instant Unlock of Year 1 Specializations

Specializations are a new feature in The Division 2 which will help diversify the end game builds of various players, acting as classes of sorts as they will feature signature weapons. All players will have access to current and new specializations as they are added in game, but Year 1 Pass owners will get them right away without having to unlock them.

3. Eight Exclusive Narrative Missions “Classified Assignments: The Fall of D.C.”

This is exclusive to Year 1 Pass owners. These will presumably be story-centric missions that will expand on the lore of The Division 2. If that’s important to you, be aware that you will need to buy into the pass if that’s something you’re really interested in.

4. VIP status during Year 1

VIP status will include additional assignments, rewards and discounts (presumably towards cosmetic items). Specific details are still a little scarce on this one.

5. An Exclusive Outfit & Emote

All Division 2 Year 1 pass owners will get an outfit & emote that will be exclusive to players that buy into the pass.

That’s everything you need to know about what is in the Year 1 pass for The Division 2. For more tips and tricks, be sure to check out our wiki guide, filled with lots of FAQs answered such as the first things you should do when you first fire the game up and get going.

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