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Devil May Cry 5: How to Find All Purple Orb Fragments

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Devil May Cry 5: How to Find All Purple Orb Fragments

How to Find All Purple Orb Fragments in Devil May Cry 5

As you might expect, Devil May Cry 5 has a ton of different collectibles to find, on top of its main story and high replayability. Purple Orbs and purple orb fragments are part of these collectibles, and they’ll give you more Devil Trigger gauges, letting you stay in the destructive mode for even longer. Here’s how to find all purple orb fragments in Devil May Cry 5.

Purchasable Purple Orbs

Similarly to blue orbs, there are five full purple orbs you can purchase with red orbs from the shop in Devil May Cry 5, each of which will give you another Devil Trigger bar. However, since Nero doesn’t have access to Devil Trigger at first, you won’t be able to purchase these orbs until you reach Mission 04.

The orb will increase in price as you purchase them, like so; 3500, 6000, 9000, 18000, 40000.

All Fragments

Aside from the five purple orbs, there are eight purple orb fragments which will result in two more full orbs and two more Devil Trigger gauges. They’re scattered across various missions in the game, so we’ll list off the location of each one.

Any missions that aren’t listed below don’t contain any purple orb fragments, but you can see our guide on how to get all blue orb fragments for the locations of all of those, if you’re also looking for them.

Mission 04

  • #1 – Play through the mission until you get to the train tracks that are falling apart. Break the Qliphoth Core to make the bridge fall, and the purple orb fragment will be right in front of you as you in the next area before you head into the building.

Mission 05

  • #2 – Play through the mission until you fight the enormous Empusa Queen. After that battle head into the next hall, and turn around and look above you. You’ll see the purple orb fragment in a little alcove just above, so jump onto the platforms to your side and then jump and glide over to it, A(X) to jump and then hold the button down to glide.

Mission 09

  • #3 – Proceed through the mission until you reach the catacombs, then fight the first group of enemies in the room with a ton of candles. Drop into the next room and beat the enemies, then look around for a huge wooden door on the left-hand side. Keep looking at the door and summon Nightmare with LB(L1), you’ll need Devil Trigger. Nightmare will crash through the door, and the purple orb fragment can be found in the area behind it.

Mission 10

  • #4 – Continue on the main path of the mission until you reach the second timed gate, the one with teeth on it. Beat the enemies and stay on the main path until you see the very next white orb crystal. To the right of the crystal will be a small opening you can jump through that leads to a cave filled with Empusas. Beat all the enemies and the purple orb fragment will appear.

Mission 11

  • #5 – Play through the mission until you reach a small rooftop where you’ll have to battle three fire bats and some knight enemies. Dante will even say something about how that area is going to break when you enter it. After the battle you’ll see the purple orb fragment straight ahead on the broken building, so jump up and grab it.

Mission 12

  • #6 – Early on in the mission you’ll get to a room with giant statue and two Nidhogg Barriers. Proceed through the lowest door, the one that doesn’t have any barrier in front of it to follow the main path. Keep going and you’ll eventually hit a Qliphot Core that you need to destroy, which releases a flow of blood into the statue. Head into the area behind the Qliphoth Core and the purple orb fragment is in a room just to the right.

Mission 14

  • #7 – Play through the mission and complete the shadow world, reclaiming all three of V’s familiars. Now back in the real world, get out of the caverns until you reach a much wider area with a bunch of bloodstreams. At the first fork take the right and destroy the Qliphoth Core, then return to the fork and take the left path, but go slowly and keep an eye out for a red orb crystal on the left side of the path. Once you see the red orb crystal on the left, look to your right side and you should see a small ledge off to the side you can drop down to, where the purple orb fragments sits.

Mission 16

  • Play through the mission up to the point where you drop through the second hole, and then fight a Behemoth and two Pyrebats. After you beat them don’t head through the alcove that’s lit up blue, and instead, drop down through the next hole. Now defeat the two Chaos and one Fury that appear. After that look over the edge of the platform your on and note all the platforms descending down further. What you want to do is descend very carefully, jumping to the nearest platform over and over. As you descend you’ll see the purple orb fragments sitting on one of the platforms, just make sure to go slow and keep an eye out.

That completely covers how to find all purple orb fragments in Devil May Cry 5. For even more tips, tricks, and guides on the game make sure to search Twinfinite, and check out our extensive Devil May Cry 5 wiki. You can also read our Devil May Cry 5 review, and see why we awarded it a rare 5/5 score.

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