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Destiny 2: How to Get More Power Surge Bounties

Power Surge Bounties, destiny 2, season of the drifter

Destiny 2: How to Get More Power Surge Bounties

How to Get More Power Surge Bounties in Destiny 2

Season of the Drifter has finally arrived in Destiny 2 and players are already hopping into Gambit matches for their good pal The Drifter. If you’ve been slacking though, you might be feeling left behind considering the new activity, The Reckoning, is 650. Luckily you have power surge bounties. Here’s how to get more power surge bounties in Destiny 2’s Season of The Drifter after you’ve exhausted the initial slate.

Destiny 2’s Season of the Drifter introduces a new type of bounty called Power Surge bounties, which will allow players to gear up to level 640 quickly.

These are obtained via The Drifter, and offer you an opportunity to get 640 gear vary rapidly, which is close to the former power level cap of 650 and will make you competitive enough to survive tier 1 of The Reckoning.

Getting More

Power Surge bounties are on a weekly reset, meaning you will only be able to obtain four of them each week. Every Tuesday the weekly reset will come and offer new bounties for you to complete.

While you obtain these bounties from The Drifter, who is now located in The Annex, they are not strictly for Gambit. Some bounties will have you defeating Guardians in Crucible or completing public events.

Each bounty tells you the power level and weapon or armor piece you will receive for completing. So it helps you figure out which Power Surge bounty you want to tackle first, if at all.

It’s important to be aware that these bounties will expire once the deadline for them hits, so be sure to complete any of them you need to so you don’t miss out on a high-level piece of gear.

All gear obtained from these bounties will drop at 640 (rare) which will allow you to access one of the newest challenges in Destiny 2 known as The Reckoning. This has a Power Level recommendation of 650, so make sure you’re doing those bounties to gear up.

Well, that’s everything you need to know for how to get more power surge bounties in Destiny 2. Power Surge bounties are just one of the many new additions to Season of The Drifter, and we look forward to seeing what Bungie has in store for the rest of the season.

If you’re looking for more tips about Destiny 2 be sure to check out our Guide Wiki.

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