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Dawn of Man: How to Get Linen

Dawn of Man, Linen

Dawn of Man: How to Get Linen

How to Get Linen in Dawn of Man

Linen is one of the more difficult materials to obtain in Dawn of Man, but if you follow these steps you’ll be well on your way to crafting clothes with the much sought after material. Here’s how to get Linen in Dawn of Man.

A material used to make clothing for warmer seasons, Linen isn’t obtained by harvesting skins or wool from the wildlife surrounding your settlement. Instead, it is obtained by cultivating and harvesting flax.

This can be difficult to do if you don’t see any flax nearby your settlement. Likewise, it becomes even harder if you don’t have the proper technologies studied to cultivate and farm Flax.

To that end, we’ve done the leg work to figure out an optimal strategy for researching the proper technologies and amassing a large amount of Flax.

Which Technologies You Need to Get Linen

Before going out to harvest Flax, you’ll need to study two specific strings of technologies.

The first is crop cultivation. This technology branch can be found in the third branch from the top and contains emblems that resemble wheat and other crops.

Study all of the technologies in this branch through the Neolithic Age in Dawn of Man. This should provide you with the knowledge of how to farm and cultivate Flax.

The other branch you’ll need to study to completion is clothing crafting. This one is the second from the bottom and only has three technologies available for study through the Neolithic Age.

Study all of its technologies and you should gain the ability to craft clothing.

How to Get Flax in Dawn of Man

Once you have the required technologies, you’ll be ready to harvest Flax.

Use your Primal Vision to spot any and all harvestable plants near your settlements. They’ll be highlighted green and can be re-highlighted at anytime. Once you’ve spotted some Flax plants, send some settlers out to harvest it.

When they return, you can plant the Flax you’ve harvested in a field. Do so and then cultivate the crop until you have a healthy amount available for use.

How to Craft Linen

Once you’ve stockpiled a decent amount of Flax in Dawn of Man, you can then process it into Linen.

This is done by applying your harvested resources to a weaver and/or outfitter, depending on whether you want the material or to apply them directly to clothing production.

Rinse and repeat this process and you’ll be well on your way to amassing a hearty amount of Linen.

Hopefully this cleared up how to get Linen in Dawn of Man. For more tips, tricks and info, stay tuned to Twinfinite.

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