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Coin Master: How to Get Revenge


Coin Master: How to Get Revenge

How to Get Revenge in Coin Master

The only thing sweeter than coins in Coin Master is revenge. Here’s how to get revenge in Coin Master.

In a game about coins and slot machines, it might come as a surprise to you that revenge and combat play just as large of a role. In fact, one of the most exciting rushes you’ll get in the game, save for that perfect slot machine roll, is revenge.

Throughout Coin Master, you’ll build a massive village that can hopefully fend off would-be attackers. Often though, despite the size of your hopefully-massive village, other players will get mischievous and go for the takedown.

When this happens, you’ll see that your village is under siege. Now, there are a lot of things you can do in this situation. You can fight back. You can send out a pet like the Rhino.

In this instance, the Rhino has a chance to deflect an incoming attack. One thing you can do, though, is take it on the chin.

Sure, nobody likes being attacked in Coin Master, but by allowing your attackers attack to come through, you’re set up for sweet, sweet revenge. After their attack, prepare your offense.

Then, spin and pray to the RNG gods that your arrow lands on “Attack.” If it does, it’s combat time.

After it lands on Attack, the game will take you to a random village. Sometimes this village is that of your in-game friend’s and other times, it might be the village of a player you’ve never met. Ignore this.

At the top of the screen, you should spot an option dubbed “Revenge.” Select this. After doing so, a list will be pulled up and watchful eyes will spot that all of the names on this list are the people who recently attacked you.

Pick the Coin Master player for whom you hold the biggest grudge against and press Revenge. This will send your army out to attack said person’s village. Ideally you win this combat scenario, otherwise your revenge is just embarrassing.

You can exact revenge on other players like this every time your spinner lands on “Attack” so take advantage of this feature as often as you’d like. It’s important to note that you don’t always have to get revenge — sometimes attacking a random village can be more bountiful.

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