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Best Skyrim Mods of February 2019


Best Skyrim Mods of February 2019

Best Skyrim Mods of February 2019

Wardrobes Overhaul Project

If there’s one major flaw in Skyrim, it’s the fashion system. Everyone’s usually wearing the same clothes, which would normally be perfectly fine if the clothes looked actually decent. Half of the NPCs are dolled up in rags, so let’s do something about it with this mod.

The Wardrobes Overhaul Project aims to improve three things in Skyrim: fashion, style, and trends. NPCs will dress differently while still remaining extremely lore-friendly, so don’t expect villagers to be trotting around in jeans. That said, expect more variety when it comes to clothes in the game.

While outfits don’t particularly add anything substantial, NPCs play a big part in immersion. And what better way to immerse yourself than with better fashion?

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