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Metro Exodus Trophy Guide: How to Get All Trophies & Achievements

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Metro Exodus Trophy Guide: How to Get All Trophies & Achievements

Complete Trophy and Achievement Guide for Metro Exodus

Metro Exodus is, perhaps, the most ambitious of the titles in the series, stepping out of Moscow’s underground tunnels for a journey across post-nuclear Russia that spans all four seasons. Achievement/trophy hunters can look forward to 50 trophies on PS4 and 49 achievements on Xbox One. Here’s how to get all trophies and achievements in Metro Exodus.

How to Get All Trophies & Achievements

Platinum Trophy (Platinum) – Exclusive to the PS4, it’s unlocked by getting all the other trophies in Metro Exodus.

Brakeman (Bronze, 15G) – Earned by detaching all train cars on the Moscow level. When you jump over to the Hansa train that’s chasing the Aurora, detach all the train cars by interacting with the joints connecting them to the rest of the train.

Exodus (Bronze, 15G) – Unlocked automatically by completing the Moscow level.

Aurora (Bronze, 15G) – You get this one automatically once you reach the point in the story where the locomotive gets named.

Regatta (Bronze, 15G) – Earned when first climbing into a boat. The Volga level eventually requires using them to cross water.

Railwayman (Bronze, 15G) – Earned automatically when getting into the Trolley required to complete the Volga level.

Friend of the Crew (Bronze, 15G) – Earned by finding the guitar and teddy bear on the Volga level. The guitar is found at the top of the bandit tower ahead and to the right of where Duke is keeping watch. Nastya’s Teddy Bear is found near a flying Demon nest on top of a silo to the southeast. Both are marked on the map if you scout using the binoculars.

Long Distance Passenger (Bronze, 15G) – Earned automatically when finding the passenger train car that’s part of Metro Exodus’ main quest.

Fisherman (Bronze, 15G) – Earned by killing the Catfish. As you reach the end of the Terminal, when you’re asked to recover the Trolley, you’ll end up by a red door. Instead of dealing with it, take the stairs down to your left. You should see a console with a bell, ropes and a lever on the left.

Cut the ropes to drop bodies in the water, call the Catfish using the bell, then pull the lever as it’s investigating the bodies to kill it by dropping steel beams on top of it.

Duke (Silver, 40G) – Unlocked if Duke stays with the crew after the Volga Level. To make sure he’s not lost, you’re going to have to employ stealth. Keep the killing of cultists to a minimum (knocking them out is perfectly fine), escape the church without being seen, capture the boat without killing traders and reach the cult leader without slaughtering your way through his base.

Lower the Bridge (Bronze, 15G) – You get this automatically by completing the Volga level.

Righteous Vengeance (Bronze, 15G) – Earned by killing 90 cannibals in the Yamantau level. Shoot, cut or blast them apart without avoiding any that come at you.

Spoiled Dinner (Bronze, 15G) – Earned automatically by completing the Yamantau level.

Driver (Bronze, 15G) – Earned by driving the Bukhanka. The Bukhanka is the car you get soon after arriving in the Caspian level.

Carmaheddon (Bronze, 15G) – Unlocked by getting 50 kills with the car on the Caspian level. You’ll find enough mutants roaming around that you can run over by just exploring.

Roller Coaster (Bronze, 15G) – Earned by using the bucket lift to reach the Oasis on the Caspian level. You’ll find the bucket lift by travelling to the map’s northernmost point.

Complete Road Map (Bronze, 15G) – Earned automatically after meeting up with Giul and required to progress Metro Exodus’ story.

Damir (Silver, 40G) – You get this if Damir stays with the crew after the Caspian level. To make sure he does, you have to refrain from killing slaves while rescuing those found at various points of interest spread across the map.

Finding the photo of Giul’s mother in the laboratory and returning it to her alongside knocking out the thug beating the woman on the way to the Baron also count towards getting the achievement.

New Order (Bronze, 15G) – Unlocked automatically when completing the Caspian level.

Gor’ko! (Bronze, 15G) – Earned by attending the wedding on the Summer level.

Decommunization (Bronze, 5G) – You get this by destroying the biggest statue in front of the children’s camp on the Taiga level. It’s found in between two sets of stairs and has an open, welcoming posture.

Master of the Forest (Bronze, 15G) – Earned by standing your ground against the Bear during the first encounter, which takes place in a cemetery. In this case, standing your ground means cutting the rope to the left of the gate that the Bear crashed through and using the ladder that falls down to escape.

5 o’clock (Bronze, 15G) – Earned by taking part in the Admiral’s tea party on the Taiga level. You meet the Admiral near the end of the level. Simply accept his invitation to tea, sit down and listen to him to get the trophy.

Forest Child (Bronze, 15G) – Unlocked by completing the Taiga level without attacking anyone or getting noticed. One of the most difficult trophies to obtain in Metro Exodus, requiring you to be very aware of your surroundings and, most likely, make good use of the quick save function.

Aloysha (Silver, 40G) – You get this if Aloysha doesn’t get wounded on the Taiga level. Just like with Duke, you need to employ lots of stealth and avoid killing faction members. Sneak frequently, knock out human foes instead of killing them.

Sword of Damocles (Bronze, 15G) – Earned automatically by completing the Taiga level.

Putrification (Bronze, 15G) – Earned automatically when passing the Putrid Tunnel in the Dead City.

Guide (Silver, 40G) – Unlocked by passing the Research Facility in the Dead City level without killing any of the Blind Ones. True to their name, the enemies rely on sound to detect Artyom and there are many floor sections with glass on them that can give away your position. Watch their patrol path and be mindful of where glass is as you explore the facility.

Should the Blind Ones home in on you, be prepared for a chase.

Full Strength (Gold, 60G) – Earned by obtaining the Duke, Damir and Aloysha trophies, which will see the first two staying with the Aurora’s crew and Aloysha not getting wounded. Getting all three trophies is detailed above.

Hardcore (Gold, 60G) – You get this by completing Metro Exodus on the Ranger Hardcore difficulty. It’s by far the most difficult way of playing the game, severely reducing the amount of weapons, resources and workbenches you find in the world, while making your weapons degrade much faster and even removing elements of the HUD, such as targeting reticles.

Eternal Voyage (Silver, 40G) – Earned by finishing the game and getting the bad ending.

Your Destination (Gold, 60G) – Earned by finishing the game and getting the good ending.

Professional (Bronze, 15G) – Unlocked by scoring a kill with each of the available ranged weapons in Metro Exodus.

Gunsmith (Bronze, 20G) – You get this by simply installing mods from each category on any single weapon. Mods can be installed at workbenches.

Tidyman (Bronze, 15G) – Earned by spending 500 chemical resources on cleaning weapons. Weapons can be cleaned at workbenches and perform poorly if not kept in good condition.

Handyman (Bronze, 15G) – Unlocked by spending 500 consumable resources on crafting. You can craft items at a workbench or in the field by using your backpack.

Dressed for Success (Bronze, 20G) – Earned by finding all upgrades for Artyom’s suit. They’re found at specific locations on Metro Exodus’ maps. Our suit upgrade guide details where to find each of them.

Martian (Bronze, 5G) – You get this trophy by patching your gas mask whenever it gets damaged. When wearing your gas mask in gunfights, it can get cracked, which leads to Artyom suffocating rather quickly. Unless you’re playing without button prompts, one pops up telling you to press L1 on PS4, LB on Xbox One or G on PC to fix your mask on the go.

Last Breath (Bronze, 10G) – In order to grab this trophy, you need to run out of gas mask filters in a hazard zone and craft a new one while suffocating. Gas mask filters can be crafted in the field from the backpack, provided you’ve the necessary resources.

Antibiotic (Bronze, 15G) – Unlocked by killing 300 mutants. Metro Exodus’ open levels have plenty of mutants roaming around and they don’t count towards the Full Strength achievement requirements. A good spot to get this one is on the Caspian map, since you can simply drive over packs of mutants with your car, which kills them instantly and without wasting ammo.

Stand Back (Bronze, 15G) – Obtained by killing 50 enemies at a long distance. A sniper rifle is recommended for this one as other guns become rather unreliable at long range.

Silent Marksman (Bronze, 15G) – Kill 30 enemies with the Tikhar. As straightforward as it sounds. You receive the Tikhar early on from Tokarev. It’s the silent rifle using steel balls as ammo.

Robin Hood (Bronze, 15G) – Kill 30 enemies with the Crossbow. You get the Crossbow in the Taiga level.

Headhunter (Bronze, 15G) – Kill 300 human enemies. You’ll have to take the lethal route for this one which does affect getting a handful of other trophies/achievements, including Full Strength.

Saboteur (Bronze, 15G) – Melee-kill or stun 50 enemies. For this trophy/achievement, you have to employ stealth. Best done by getting behind foes, when near them, you’ll be prompted to choose between a lethal or non-lethal stealth takedown.

Kaleidoscope (Bronze, 15G) – To get this one, you have to perform 3 kills while using a weapon with a sniper scope, wearing your gas mask, and having the night vision goggles turned on, all at the same time.

Firebird (Bronze, 15G) – Earned by killing a flying demon with fire. When going to recover Nastya’s Teddy Bear, you’ll have to take it from the nest of a flying demon that’s on top of a silo in the southeastern part of the Volga level. Luckily, the demon is in the nest, which means you can chuck molotovs at it and burn it to smithereens.

Librarian (Silver, 40G) – Unlocked by finding all 70 hidden diary pages. Another of Metro Exodus’ more difficult achievements, it essentially boils down to picking up all notes strewn around its levels. Explore as much as you can and keep an eye out for them.

Old World Pictures (Bronze, 20G) – Earned by finding all 21 postcards with sights from pre-war locations. Another achievement that requires exploration and a keen eye.

Join us on air (Bronze, 5G) – You get this by finding a tune on the radio. In the interludes that take place on the Aurora, you’ll have access to a radio. Simply fiddle around with it until you find a frequency that airs a song.

That’s all you need to know about how to get all trophies and achievements in Metro Exodus. For more tips, tricks and guides on 4A Games’ latest post-apocalyptic romp, drop by our Metro Exodus Guide Wiki, or simply search Twinfinite.

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