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Best Kingdom Hearts Keyblade Wielders, All 13 Ranked


Best Kingdom Hearts Keyblade Wielders, All 13 Ranked

Note that this list will only cover the primary cast from the main line of games. As a result, Keyblade Wielders from the mobile game and Back Cover won’t be counted. Likewise, there will be spoilers for Kingdom Hearts 3 ahead, so proceed with caution.

Kingdom Hearts Keyblade Wielders Ranked

13. Kairi

Kingdom Hearts 3, Kairi, Keyblade Wielder

It’s unfortunate, but Kairi’s turn as a Keyblade Wielder ended up being one of the most pointless story arcs in the Kingdom Hearts series.

It certainly had potential. As one of the former Seven Princesses of Light, Kairi’s role in the story has always been integral to the main plot in some way, shape or form across most every game.

Likewise, her gaining a Keyblade at the end of Kingdom Hearts 2, and being brought on to help her friends fight against the darkness in Dream Drop Distance, was a nice twist on what people had come to expect of her character.

By the end of Kingdom Hearts 3 though, she’d really only done the same thing that she’d done in most every other mainline game: Get kidnapped and wait for Sora, Riku or both to come and rescue her.

It’s a real shame, and considering this was the last entry in the Dark Seeker saga, she’s not likely to get a chance at redemption anytime soon.

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