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Jump Force: How to Get & Equip Support Skills

how to equip support skills in Jump Force

Jump Force: How to Get & Equip Support Skills

How to Get & Equip Support Skills in Jump Force

Learning moves and mastering combos isn’t the only way to grow stronger in Jump Force. As your fighters level up, they can learn new skills that give them an extra edge during combat. If you want a stronger character, here’s how to equip Support Skills in Jump Force.

How to Get Support Skill Points & Unlock Skills

You can increase your custom fighter’s stats by leveling them up in the game. Each character will level up with experience they earn from every battle you use them in.

When a character levels up in Jump Force, they’ll also gain Support Skill Points which you can use to unlock a variety of these skills. You’ll need to manage which of these you want to use by equipping them on your character.

How to Equip Support Skills in Jump Force

To equip Support Skills in Jump Force, simply open up the main menu and select the Customize Battle option. From there, head over to Support Skill and you’ll pull up a list of every character in Jump Force. Each fighter has their own specific skills they can use in combat, but you’ll need to unlock them first with one skill point.

To view a character’s certain ability, just select them in the menu to pull up their skills. Move your cursor over to which skill you want to equip and press the X button on PS4 or A on Xbox One to confirm it. Each one of these skills takes up space from your character’s SP pool, so you can’t equip all of them at once in Jump Force.

How to Reset a Character’s Skills

If you ever want to reset your choices, simply press Square/ X. All of the skills will be unequipped, letting you build your fighter from scratch. You’re pretty much free to choose whichever abilities you want, allowing you to create different builds for your characters. Selecting the right ones will help you create a well-rounded and balanced fighter.

That’s about everything you need to know about how to equip Support Skills in Jump Force. For more tips and tricks on the game, be sure to take a look at our expansive wiki.

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