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God Eater 3: What the Best Weapon Is

God Eater 3, Best Weapon

God Eater 3: What the Best Weapon Is

What the Best Weapon Is in God Eater 3

Given the number of armaments available in this game, players are probably curious what the best weapon is and how they can get their hands on it in God Eater 3.

Much like Monster Hunter, God Eater 3 has a slew of different weapons to deck your character out with while hunting the game’s enemy creatures.

Some are great swords with devastating attack power, while others are twin blades that can rip an enemy to shreds with several fast-hitting combo strikes.

As players progress through the game though, they might start to wonder if there is one key blade they should be trying to get their hands on, or that they can use to overcome most every situation.

Unfortunately – or maybe fortunately, depending on how you look at it – there isn’t a definitive best weapon in God Eater 3.

Figuring Out Which Weapon is the Best for You

While there are stronger versions of the base weapons that can be found and used as you progress through God Eater 3, none are better in every area compared to another.

For example, while heavier arms like the Buster Blade or Boost Hammer can have high attack compared to the Biting Edge or Dual Blades, they’ll handle much slower and offer much less varied combos.

As such, it’s best to instead keep yourself stocked with the latest version of every weapon. This will keep your arsenal varied and versatile, and as a result, you’ll be prepared for most any challenge the game throws at you.

It may seem a bit tiresome to have to constantly swap your loadout between missions, but it also allows you to experience every type of combat style offered by the game’s different weapons.

Luckily, God Eater 3 does allow you to save different equipment sets, making it easier to swap things in and out. To do this you can simply hit triangle when you’re on the Loadout menu, then select which slot you want to save your current set to.

Of course, if you’re partial to a certain type of arms or playstyle in God Eater 3, you can use those aspects to guide your decisions.

If you prefer to charge right in and tank damage before dealing your own, go with the Buster Blade or Boost Hammer. If you prefer to hit fast and dodge back out, use lighter weapons like the Short Sword or Biting Edge.

It’s entirely up to you and your play style, and because no weapon far exceeds the others in stats all around, you can feasibly beat the entire game with whichever weapon you’d like.

Hopefully, this cleared up what the best weapon is in God Eater 3. For more on the anime-style hack and slash action game, check out its launch trailer for a glimpse of what the title has to offer.

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