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5 Questions We Still Have After Beating Kingdom Hearts 3


5 Questions We Still Have After Beating Kingdom Hearts 3

Most expected Kingdom Hearts 3 to wrap up all the loose ends from the games released so far by the time the credits rolled. Things didn’t quite work out that way, and these are the five questions we still have after beating Kingdom Hearts 3.

*Warning: Spoilers Ahead*

Questions We Still Need Answers to After Beating Kingdom Hearts 3

Who Was the Girl Ansem Experimented On?

Kingdom Hearts 3, Questions, The Girl

A sudden plot point that came out of left field, the unnamed Girl played a surprisingly hefty role in the origin stories of several of the game’s characters.

Taken in by Ansem for experiments on her memories and heart before the events of Birth By Sleep, The Girl befriended Lea and Isa during her captivity.

It was in an attempt to save her that they tried to break into the Hollow Bastion castle, and later became apprentices to Ansem in order to discover a way to help her escape. However, before they could do so, she disappeared and hasn’t been seen since.

The two kept looking for her even after they were turned into Nobodies, but eventually, Lea (now Axel) accepted that she was gone forever, leaving Isa (now Saïx) to search for her himself.

He nearly found a promising lead to her whereabouts after bringing Ansem back from the Realm of Darkness, but he quickly revealed that even he doesn’t recall what became of her.

As such, players reach the end of the game still not knowing who the girl is and what became of her. We’ve done our best to piece together who she is, but even then we still can’t definitively say where she might be now.

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