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Crackdown 3: Can You Sprint Faster? Answered

can you sprint faster in crackdown 3

Crackdown 3: Can You Sprint Faster? Answered

Can You Sprint Faster in Crackdown 3? What You Need to Know

Taking down crime gangs and stopping the sinister corporation known as TerraNova Worldwide is all about big explosions and feeling like a bad-ass. While you’ll have a bunch of vehicles at your disposal to help you get around the island of New Providence, you may also just be wondering if you can sprint faster in Crackdown 3.

Whenever you’re moving about on-foot in Crackdown 3, you’ll actually automatically be sprinting at the fastest possible speed you can. Simply use the left analog stick to head in the direction you want to move and your Terry Crews-esque agent will begin running.

Unfortunately, if you were hoping to be able to sprint faster, we’ve got some bad news for you. There’s no way to sprint faster in Crackdown 3.

If you thought pressing down the left analog stick (L3) would work, you’ll be bitterly disappointed to find out that pressing the stick in will cause you to dodge roll instead. The dodge roll is pretty important though, so don’t ignore it!

Fortunately, the sprint speed is often fast enough not to make on-foot traversal a complete pain, and for any particularly length journeys you can always hop into a car or use the fast travel options available to you in Crackdown 3.

That’s pretty much everything you need to know regarding whether or not you can sprint faster in Crackdown 3. Now, back to saving the day in New Providence.

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