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Anthem: How to Heal Your Health


Anthem: How to Heal Your Health

How to Heal Your Health in Anthem

Anthem has arrived and staring with early access adopters, and soon to be everyone else, players can finally dive into the latest from Bioware. It’s a project that has been cooking up for a while now and fans are eager to jump in. If you’re here, you’re likely wondering how to heal your health in Anthem. Here’s how to do it.

Combat is arguably Anthem’s strongest suit. It’s incredibly satisfying to gear up your Javelin to your liking, and then take it into battle against hordes of enemies. You have a choice of four Javelin suits to pick from each with their own strengths and weaknesses. Ideally, together, they form the perfect team for taking down enemies of the city.

However inevitably at some point, you’re going to need to heal your health in order to prevent getting downed and putting yourself and teammates at risk of failing.

Pick Up Health Packs

To heal your health in Anthem while in combat you’ll need to be on the look out for glowing red health packs which frequently drop from defeated enemies. This the same across all platforms.

how to heal your health, anthem

They will appear wherever an enemy has been downed and will have a red heart looking symbol above it. This will restore your green health bar. You have shields that can absorb some of the beating, but eventually, you’ll need to get your green bar back up to non-critical levels if you want to avoid getting knocked down.

You can get revived though if you do happen to lose all of your health, or of course, revive others if you need to be the hero.

That does it for how to heal your health in Anthem for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. For more Anthem coverage and tips & tricks, be sure check out our wiki guide and search Twinfinite.

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