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Anthem Javelin Customization Guide: How to Customize Javelin Appearance, Color, Loadout & More

How to customize Javelin in Anthem

Anthem Javelin Customization Guide: How to Customize Javelin Appearance, Color, Loadout & More

How to Customize Your Javelin in Anthem

Your Javelin is a core part of your setup as a Freelancer in Anthem. It not only allows you to traverse the alien world efficiently, but it also grants you a number of unique combat abilities and some protection from incoming enemy fire, too. You can also just make it look pretty. Here’s how to customize your Javelin in Anthem.

If you’re wanting to do any kind of customization to your Javelin in Anthem, you’ll need to head to Fort Tarsis and interact with the Forge. The Forge, for those unaware, is where your suit will be docked as you go about exploring the rest of the Fort. To interact with it, look for the control panel to you step out of your suit.

Alternatively, once you have the ability to go directly to the Launch Bay after a mission is completed, you can go straight there and then head to the area designed for players to leave their suit. Interact with that and you’ll be at the Forge screen and have the ability to customize your Javelin.

Now that you know where to go to begin customizing and fine-tuning your suit, let’s dive into the various different options at your disposal.

How to Change Javelin Appearance in Anthem

How to Change Javelin Loadout

To change the appearance of your Javelin, you’ll first need to make sure you’re on the correct tab in the top-left corner. This can either be navigated to by clicking on it on PC, or by using the R1 or RB buttons for PS4 and Xbox One users.

You’ll now see a screen something like what we have above. As you can see, there are a number of different options here to customize Javelin appearance in Anthem. We’ve listed what all of these options are below.

  • Helmet, Torso, Arms, and Legs: As you’d expect, these are the bits of armor you can change on your Javelin. Simply click on one or select one and press X/ A to begin changing it.
  • Paint: Select this option to customize the paint type and color of your Javelin.
  • Animations: This is where you’re going to want to change your dances and emotes in Anthem.
  • Wear Style: Think your Javelin looks a little too dirty? You can change how ‘worn’ your Javelin looks here.
  • Vinyls: These are pretty hard to see depending on which you have equipped, but they essentially add an emblem onto your Javelin. The position of these varies depending on which you choose.

Almost all of these options simply require you to click on it and then choose the armor part, style, animation, paint color, or vinyl that you want and then exit out. There’s not a whole lot more to it.

How to Change Paint Color & Materials

How to Customize Javelin

We say there’s not a whole lot more to it, except for when it comes to changing paint color on your Javelin in Anthem. When you select the ‘Paint’ option from the ‘Appearance’ screen, you’ll be shown a screen like the one directly above.

Here, you can change the paint job material by clicking on any section of these long rectangular boxes. Except for the right end that has a colored tip. When you hover your mouse over this section, you should see a little glowing animation, shown in the image below.

By clicking here, you’ll then be shown a color palette that you can take your pick from. This is how you can change the various different colors on your Javelin and truly customize it to your liking. After all, it’s a little dull-looking when you first get it.

How to Change Javelin Loadout

How to Customize Your Javelin in Anthem

Now that you’ve got your Javelin customized in appearance, it’s time to ensure your loadout of weapons and gadgets matches how formidable your suit looks in Anthem. Again, to run you through what each section is all about, let’s break it down for you below.

  • Assault Launcher: The name of this will vary depending on the Javelin type you chose. Clicking on here will enable you to add improved variants of your Ultimate Ability, making them more lethal in-battle.
  • Weapons: This is where you’ll want to go to change your equipped weapons in Anthem. You’ll unlock additional weapon slots as you play.
  • Grenade: Where you can change your grenade type.
  • Components: These are additional items you’ll collect as you play that grant you buffs to your loadout. For example, Vented Thrusters ‘Increases the threshold before overheating occurs when flying.’
  • Support Gear: Support Gear is what it sounds like on the tin. It’s an ability that is designed to support your team based on your Javelin type. For example, the Colossus has one that directs attacks towards its tanky frame.

Just as was the case with the ‘Appearance’ tab, customizing your Javelin loadout is as simple as clicking on the element you want to change from the list above, and then selecting the weapon, grenade, component etc. that you want to equip. Then, back out and return to the above screen and you’re all set.

How to Get More Customization Parts & Items in Anthem

The final thing you’ll probably want to know is how you craft better weapons or parts for your Javelin. This all comes as part of Anthem’s crafting system, which isn’t unlocked from the very beginning of the game. You’ll need to advance through the story and get your first Javelin before this becomes available.

Once it does, you’ll be given a bunch of blueprints for weapons and armor bits. You’ll continue to earn blueprints as you play through Anthem’s story, with more powerful gear coming from increasing your reputation with the Arcanists.

That should just about do it for how to customize your Javelin in Anthem. For more tips, tricks, and guides for your sci-fi adventure in your shiny new suit, be sure to check out our ever-expanding Anthem guide wiki.

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