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Another Eden Flower Quest Guide (Mourning Flowers)

Another Eden, flower quest guide (moruning flowers)

Another Eden Flower Quest Guide (Mourning Flowers)

Another Eden Flower Quest Guide (Mourning Flowers)

Another Eden is packed with tons of side quests that reward you with Chronos Stones, among other things. When you reach Chapter 9, you’ll come across the rather confusing Mourning Flowers side quest. If you’re having trouble, here’s how to complete the Mourning Flowers quest in Another Eden.

This flower quest pops up after you’ve cleared Acteul. Make your way over to the Palsifal Palace and head to the second floor. There, you should see the subquest marker pointing to a maid who needs help with sorting flowers for the deceased prince and princess.

Accept the Mourning Flowers quest and head back down to find the chief maid who will tell you the details about which flowers you need to pick. She’ll go on and on about all sorts of details, and it’s easy to miss what information you need from all her ramblings.

Once she’s done talking, go back upstairs to the maid. She’ll ask you where you need to clean, so select “Corridor.” After your chat, fast travel back to Acetul to find the flower vendor in Another Eden. He’ll ask you three questions regarding which flowers you need for the quest:

  • 1st answer: Red White Pink
  • 2nd Answer: 5
  • 3rd Answer: Cordina Rose

Once you’ve finally done that, head back to the Palsifal Palace and hand over the flowers to the maid. If you followed the correct answers, you should have successfully completed the quest in Another Eden.

That’s pretty much everything you need to know about the flower quest in the game. If you’re looking for more tips and tricks on Another Eden, be sure to search for Twinfinite.

Here are a few other guides to help you get started:


Question: How do you complete the Mourning Flowers quest in Another Eden?

Answer: Accept the quest from the maid at Palsifal Palace. This quest only pops up after clearing Acteul. See above for the proper steps and answers.

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