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5 Upcoming AAA Games That Actually Look Unique


5 Upcoming AAA Games That Actually Look Unique

With so many amazing games released as of late, it is getting harder to make something original or unique. Whether it’s following gaming trends or simply not wanting to stray from the norm, even some of the most anticipated upcoming games look rather generic.

That isn’t to say there aren’t plenty of potential blockbusters on the horizon though, as 2019 and onward could continue the upward trend of quality releases. Here are five upcoming blockbuster games that don’t look generic.

Unique Upcoming AAA Games

Death Stranding

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Ever since the first trailer for Death Stranding released, it was apparent that this wasn’t a normal game. A naked Norman Reedus, weird floating jar babies, and colossal invisible creatures are just a few of the things that have been teased for this title.

Despite knowing all of this about the game, its premise is still almost entirely a mystery. While there have been stealth and traversal aspects displayed, there has yet to be any detailed gameplay footage shown.

This air of mystery in and of itself is pretty revolutionary for a game, as many developers go out of their way to promote every aspect of new title years out in order to build hype. Death Stranding’s choice to do the opposite may go a long way in altering the player’s actual experience with the game, allowing for more surprising and genuine reactions thanks to the secrecy.

If anyone could get away with this idea and still profit, it’s Hideo Kojima. As the mind behind the insane Metal Gear storyline and the creator of a horror demo, P.T., that reinvigorated the psychological thriller genre, it’s no wonder that Death Stranding looks as distinct and confusing as it does.

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