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5 Ways Kingdom Hearts 3 Can Get Bigger & Better with DLC


5 Ways Kingdom Hearts 3 Can Get Bigger & Better with DLC

Kingdom Hearts 3 DLC Ideas

1. More Worlds

One of the most exciting aspects of the Kingdom Hearts series for both diehards and casuals alike is the series’ use of Disney properties to make up its lineup of worlds. In each game, Sora and the gang (or some other Kingdom Hearts character) get to visit a handful of Disney worlds.

In past games, these worlds’ stories were simply retellings of the movie they were based on, with the Square Enix side of things added in. In Kingdom Hearts 3, though, some of the Disney worlds get wholly original stories.

This is exciting for a number of reasons, but for the purpose of this piece it means that Square Enix isn’t tied down to the scripts of Disney movies. They can create their own stories in these Disney worlds.

Additional worlds is probably the type of DLC highest on most fans’ wish lists and there are plenty of Disney properties, both classic and new, that haven’t even been mentioned in this series.

The Aristocats, A Bug’s Life, Atlantis, Treasure Planet, The Jungle Book, The Incredibles to name a few of the older movies. On the newer side of things, Moana and Coco would be especially aesthetically and narratively pleasing.

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