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5 Features Anthem Needs Now to Keep People Playing


5 Features Anthem Needs Now to Keep People Playing

Features Anthem Needs Straight Away

New Javelins

Like with any class-based multiplayer game, the classes you can play as in Anthem are everything to the experience. Each of the four Javelins are incredibly different, whether it’s the artillery-like Colossus or the hit-and-run melee Interceptor.

It’s great fun to try out each of the four different classes, but for Anthem to truly have long legs BioWare will need to introduce even more new Javelins to mix up the formula. After you’ve played Anthem for a good 20-30 hours you’ll no doubt have tried out each Javelin, and gotten a feel for which one fits your play style best.

The best way to really shake up the dynamic of Anthem would be to introduce a brand new Javelin, maybe alongside a full-fledged expansion. This is something the Destiny series has done well up to this point, by periodically introducing new classes and subclasses across the different expansions, including the introduction of Destiny 2.

Obviously, introducing a new class is a major shake-up for the general balance of the game, but it’s the easiest way for BioWare to get people reinvested in Anthem as it grows older.

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