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10 4K & HD Metro Exodus Wallpapers You Need to Make Your Desktop Background


10 4K & HD Metro Exodus Wallpapers You Need to Make Your Desktop Background

Artyom’s post-apocalyptic adventure continues in Metro Exodus, which is easily the best-looking game in the series. In fact, we wondered whether it might be one of the prettiest FPS games ever made in our recent review.

This time around, the dank and cramped confines of Moscow’s subway have been replaced by the irradiated wastelands of the Russian wilderness. The train theme still remains, though, as Artyom and co journey across the vast expanses of the country in search of sanctuary aboard The Aurora.

This combination of impressive current-gen graphics and stunning scenery is really striking, making for some awesome wallpapers perfect for a desktop background. To that end, we thought we’d round up the best 4K and HD wallpapers one convenient page, so let’s get into it.

Metro Exodus, wallpapers, background

The crew staying frost while carrying out repairs on The Aurora. 4K download

Metro Exodus, wallpapers, background

Metro Exodus key art that was a popular promotional image in the build-up to launch. 4K download

Metro Exodus, wallpapers, bacgkround

There are a few variations on the above, but this is our favorite. Artyom emerges from the metro. 4K download

metro, wallpapers, background

Not a quote from Metro author Dmitry Glukhovsky, this is by Russian Philosopher Fyodor Dostoyevsky. HD download

Metro Exodus

Cautious exploration, by Pavel Bond. HD download

A bleak scene. HD download

metro, wallpaper

There are still plenty of eerie underground sections to explore in Metro Exodus. HD download


Something a bit different. HD download

Screenshots alone are good-looking enough to make for HD wallpapers. HD download


The gas mask is such an iconic piece of Metro apparatus. HD download

That does it for our list of Metro Exodus 4K and HD wallpapers you need to have for your desktop background. If you’re interested, check out our wallpaper lists for Anthem, Kingdom Hearts 3, and Resident Evil 2.

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