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10 4K & HDR Kingdom Hearts 3 Wallpapers For Your New Desktop Background


10 4K & HDR Kingdom Hearts 3 Wallpapers For Your New Desktop Background

Kingdom Hearts 3 is finally here, bringing its unique visuals and scenarios along with it. I mean, where else can you see Disney characters interacting with Final Fantasy characters in a Toy Story setting.

To celebrate the series’ return, we’ve compiled a handful of amazing shots that fans and casual observers alike would love as a background.

These are the 10 best 4k and HD Kingdom Hearts 3 wallpapers we’ve found, ranging from keyart to in-game to screenshots and even some beautiful fanart in different resolutions.

Kingdom Hearts 3

Who says the Kingdom Hearts series isn’t visually impressive? Download

Kingdom Hearts III

Bad Baymax? That shouldn’t even be physically possible, even in Kingdom Hearts 3! Download

Kingdom Hearts III

The gang is all here! This image is perfect for any entertainment fan’s wallpaper, featuring beautiful imagery alongside a cool cast of unique characters. 4K Download

Watching a beautiful sunset in Kingdom Hearts 3. Download

Kingdom Hearts 3

Can Sora convince Rapunzel to let down her long hair? He’d better make sure that it doesn’t get Tangled. Download

Sora, Donald Duck, and Goofy fight to stay alive. Though to be honest, Goofy looks far too casual in this fight. Download

Saix and Lea look over a beautifully lit – and aptly named – Twilight Town. Even badass characters enjoy a good view. Download

Riku stands tall in this beautiful oil painting, as he reaches toward purple light, surrounded by shadowy figures. Download

Kingdom Hearts 3

A Young Xehanort contemplates his next move while playing chess. The fact that these pieces are light and dark is certainly no coincidence. Download

Master Xehanort certainly looks different from his younger self. One can only wonder what evil thoughts run through his mind as he strokes his long white beard. Download

That about does it for our list of the best Kingdom Hearts 3 4k and HD wallpapers. If you’re looking for more info on the game, check out our guides wiki page, as well as Twinfinite.

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