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Top 4 Best Co-Op Games of Q4 2018


Top 4 Best Co-Op Games of Q4 2018

Best Co-Op Games of Q4 2018

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

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Prior to its release, some Call of Duty fans were worried about the dramatic changes that Black Ops 4 was making to the series. Gone was the traditional single player mode, being replaced by a Battle Royale mode that would attempt to grab some of the attention that PUBG and Fortnite were getting.

Blackout proved very popular, not only offering a great Battle Royale experience but also bringing more opportunities for co-op play to Call of Duty.

Of course, you could still play Zombies and the standard multiplayer modes with a few friends, either online or locally, but Blackout was the standout.

With either one partner or three squad mates, you can jump into the world that’s inspired by old Black Ops maps and fight for glory against up to 98 other players.

As anyone who’s played a battle royale game before will know, getting that first win is one of the best feelings in gaming. Blackout is one of the best examples because it’s the excellent Call of Duty gameplay you know mixed with the great, modern genre.

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