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The Best Kingdom Hearts 3 Worlds, All 9 Ranked


The Best Kingdom Hearts 3 Worlds, All 9 Ranked

Best Kingdom Hearts 3 Worlds

9. 100 Acre Wood

best kingdom hearts 3 worlds, ranked

Obviously we’re going to be talking about the worlds of Kingdom Hearts 3. If somehow you clicked this article anyway not realizing this, then this is your last chance to not get spoiled on anything other than 100 Acre Wood if you’d like for it to all be a surprise.

The 100 Acre Wood has never been a huge feature in the Kingdom Hearts series, but it’s repeatedly appeared as a small sidebar, minigame focused experience. The same holds true in Kingdom Hearts 3, and while it’s nice to see Pooh and company again, the world just feels all too brief.

Now 100 Acre Wood was never long, but this time there’s only one minigame to play with three variations, and one single area to explore. You can beat the world in roughly 30 minutes, although you can return to play the minigame anytime you want.

Considering how fleshed out all the other worlds in Kingdom Hearts 3 feel, this is definitely a bit disappointing. The 100 Acre Wood is a fun little jaunt that breaks up the action, but it just leaves you wanting a bit more.

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