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8 Most Pointless Features of this Console Generation


8 Most Pointless Features of this Console Generation

Most Pointless Console Features

Xbox One Kinect

Xbox One, Kinect

Don’t get me wrong, the Kinect was fun and all. I had a good time with it… on the Xbox 360.

But when it came to Kinect support on the Xbox One it was practically non-existent. Seriously, try and think of some Xbox One games that supported Kinect off the top of your head.

There was that Lococycle game by Twisted Pixel, which was also on the Xbox 360. That Fantasia game by Harmonix, which is also on Xbox 360. And the Just Dance games, which are still to this day releasing on the Xbox 360.

Sure, the Kinect wasn’t only supposed to work for games; Microsoft did love to hammer home the voice command function of the Kinect around the launch of the Xbox One. But, I mean, you could just, I dunno, use a controller to navigate the menus?

It’s clear that Microsoft realized how pointless the Xbox One’s Kinect was, as not only did they stop bundling it with original Xbox One consoles but dropped the proprietary Kinect port from the Xbox One S and X altogether.

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