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Life Is Strange 2’s Superpower Is Only Interesting if Dontnod Use it Properly

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Life Is Strange 2’s Superpower Is Only Interesting if Dontnod Use it Properly

It’s been quite some time since the first episode of DONTNOD’s Life Is Strange 2 dropped. Four months ago, we were introduced to the Diaz brothers, as they got caught up in an altercation with the cops and a seemingly supernatural force. They went on the run and didn’t really know who they could trust.

Daniel was oblivious to everything that had happened with their father and the police, unaware of his powers. That is until he saw the entire thing on the news and flipped the hell out.

Episode 2 introduces us to a Daniel who’s come to terms far more with his powers since we last saw the brothers and finally lets us get to grips with it as a gameplay mechanic, too.

While Life Is Strange 2’s narrative still plods along at a rather slow pace in episode two — up until the ending — it’s the brothers’ coming to terms with the power and our ability to utilize it throughout the episode that stands out as a highlight.

The whole episode kicks off with Sean trying to get Daniel to life various rocks and sticks in the forest just nearby the abandoned cabin they’re staying in. While he’d happily begin levitating some rocks off the ground, others he flat-out refused.

He wasn’t all that keen on the idea of lifting his beloved dog Mushroom off the ground when we suggested that, either. As such, the telekinesis power isn’t something you directly control in Life Is Strange 2, as you’re controlling Sean. He can tell Daniel to use his powers, and so far, he’s more often than not been happy to oblige.

What’s going to be particularly interesting in future episodes though, is how Daniel’s rebellious streak is going to tango with his newfound powers. Throughout the episode, Sean asks Daniel to repeat the ‘rules’ they must abide by now that they’re essentially fugitives with superpowers.

Daniel seems to take it in every time, soaking up the sternly-delivered message his older sibling is giving him. Then, the next minute, he’s there happily pranking Sean with his powers or riskily stacking hovering dishes right behind someone’s back.

Already, this reluctance to follow the rules and Daniel’s use of his powers with brazen assurance has led the pair into some incredibly close calls. I can only imagine as Daniel begins to become more acquainted with them throughout the series that he’s going to get the pair in a whole lot more trouble.

Life Is Strange 2 episode 2 also provides an insight into how Daniel’s powers are actually going to feed into the decision element that has become a staple part of the series. At various times, you’re given the option to let Daniel go ahead and use them, or to intervene in the hope there’s another solution to the problem.

Though the first instance of this is in episode 2 feels largely inconsequential, its latter one looks to have a far greater impact on how things will pan out for the boys.

The fact that these decisions are literally the difference between potentially wrecking or saving someone or something with the power of telekinesis, or finding a more natural solution, make them feel more significant.

After all, you’d imagine things would unfold a little differently if you opted to, say, lift a bunch of items with your hands in front of someone, rather than have them float magically in the air in front of them with a nine-year-old’s power of telekinesis.

Though I’m not convinced these are ultimately going to change the story drastically, it would be neat for them to play a more significant role in the narrative than we’ve seen in previous Life Is Strange series.

DONTNOD has placed players in a bit of a precarious position in Life Is Strange 2 if its first two episodes are anything to go by. On the one hand, we’ve yet again got a superpower we can use to our advantage on the Diaz brothers’ adventure. On the other hand, we don’t have the power, our AI counterpart, and rebellious younger sibling does.

Though you’re not controlling the character wielding this power, Life Is Strange 2 has a lot of potential to utilize Daniel’s telekinesis; not just by affecting the moment-to-moment gameplay or offering up some tough decisions, but in how its narrative pans out.

It’s been a rather slow journey with the Diaz brothers so far in Life Is Strange 2, but now that Daniel seems more than comfortable using his powers, chances are it’s not going to take long for things to pick up.

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