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Kingdom Hearts 3: How to Save

Kingdom Hearts 3, How To Save, Save Points, Save Spots, Save Game

Kingdom Hearts 3: How to Save

How To Save Your Game In Kingdom Hearts 3

Kingdom Hearts 3 is on its way to the PS4 and Xbox One and it shouldn’t surprise anyone that the title lasts more than just a mere few hours. Here’s how to save your game in Kingdom Hearts 3.

Series veterans will be familiar with the way in which saving the game works. Save Points make a return, being spread throughout the title’s various worlds, offering enough opportunities to make sure your progress isn’t lost.

If you’re a newcomer, you’ll know you’re close to a Save Point when you can spot a green glowing circle on the ground. All that you’re then required to do is press triangle when on top of them. This lets you bring up the save menu.

Save Points not only make sure your progress up to that point isn’t going to get lost, but also refill your HP and MP. In past titles they also allowed players to reorganize their party, but given how five characters can be in the party at once now, that’s no longer required.

Previous titles in the series also had two types of Save Points, the second disappearing after a set point in the story while not offering the option of fast travel. That is not the case with the latest entry.

All Save Points in Kingdom Hearts 3 persist regardless of how much you’ve progressed in the story and can take you back to the world map/Gummi Ship. And that’s all you need to know about how to save your game in Kingdom Hearts 3.

Have other questions regarding the latest entry in the series? We’ve an entire Kingdom Hearts 3 wiki that holds plenty of answers, or search for Twinfinite if you need more info.


Question: How do you save your game in Kingdom Hearts 3?

Answer: To make sure you hold onto your progress, all you need to do is look for Save Points, which are green glowing circles found on the ground, and interact with them by pressing triangle. Doing this brings up the save menu, and you can record your progress from there.

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