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Kingdom Hearts 3: Can You Open the Map?

Kingdom Hearts 3, can you open the map

Kingdom Hearts 3: Can You Open the Map?

Can you open the map in Kingdom Hearts 3?

Kingdom Hearts 3 is the most open entry in the series thus far, with sprawling environments that extend just as far upwards as they do stretch into the horizon. So big and layered are the worlds now that maps are an infallible resource that in many cases you’d be lost without, so, can you open the map in Kingdom Hearts 3?

The answer, sadly, is no, you can’t open the map in Kingdom Hearts 3. Whilst there is a useful thumbnail that hovers in the top right corner, you can’t expand the map to get a good bearing on your location, it serves merely as a guide of what’s close by, highlighting any key save points in your immediate vicinity.

While this lets you organically explore the stunning worlds first hand, being able to open the map would’ve been useful, especially in some of the game’s more complicated, almost labyrinthine sections.

You have to find the map yourself, usually conveniently located in a nearby spot when you begin a new area in a large, conspicuous treasure chest.

Once you open the chest, the mini-map appears, charting your current location and the surrounding geography, helpful for figuring out where to go next to further the story. More often than not, you’ll have to grab multiple of these throughout a world as you journey through its various sections.

There could’ve been some useful additions, like charting where you have and haven’t been, pointing out general areas where there might be a Mickey Emblem, ingredients or other collectibles.

As it stands, though, the challenge is set for you yourself to comb every axis for everything that isn’t nailed down, looking at every possible plane and angle for those elusive emblems.

That should answer whether you can open the map in Kingdom Hearts 3. For more guides on the game, check out our Twinfinite’s dedicated Kingdom Hearts 3 wiki.


Question: Can you open the map in Kingdom Hearts3?

Answer: No you cannot. To see the map at all, in the top right of the screen, you need to find map items in chests in each world.

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