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Kingdom Hearts 3: How to Complete All Kupo Photo Missions

Kingdom Hearts 3, Kupo Photo Missions

Kingdom Hearts 3: How to Complete All Kupo Photo Missions

How to Complete All Kupo Photo Missions in Kingdom Hearts 3

Kingdom Hearts 3 is lush with side activities and challenges to complete, but one of the more relaxed and fun challenges are the Kupo Photo Missions. Here’s how to complete all Kupo Photo Missions in Kingdom Hearts 3.

Given to players by the Moogle shop owners, these challenges task players with snapping pics of different enemies and locales scattered throughout the game.

This can range from a common enemy type you face in the early stages of the game to hard to reach locations you’ll have to return to worlds for after completing their main story content.

It can seem a little intimidating at first glance and some solutions may be harder to nail down than you’d think. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the different photo missions and their solutions to help you complete the Kingdom Hearts 3 challenge fast.

I need oven mitts to handle that hothead, kupo.

This photo mission requires you to snap a photo of a Flame Core, a Heartless encountered in the early areas of Olympus.

After obtaining the Gummy Phone, head back to Olympus and explore the destroyed sections of the city. Fame Cores should appear in the more open sections, and when they do, snap a photo of one before it lets out an attack.

That fiend keeps getting my pom-pom wet, kupo!

This mission wants you to photograph a Water Core. They can be found in the first section of the forest in the Kingdom of Corona near deeper pools of water. Get up close and snap a photo to complete the challenge.

Fluffy doesn’t always mean nice, kupo!

This photo mission refers to the Chief Puff Heartless, which can be found in the first section of the forest in the Kingdom of Corona. Snap a pic when it has its fluff armor up and is separated from its smaller un-fluffed comrades.

I can’t get over those chiseled muscles, kupo.

This mission requires you to return to Olympus and take a picture of the statue of Hercules during Thebes’ reconstruction. Head back to Olympus’ Agora section at any point from the mid-game on, take a photo and you can cross this challenge off your list.

Mechasmashers busting through the walls, kupo!

This mission wants you to capture an image of the Big Beasts and Bugs wall display in the Toy Story toy store. Head to the action section on the Toy Store’s second floor and take a picture of the bug robot crashing through the back wall to complete it.

Who built that tower in the forest, kupo?

To complete this mission, take a photo of Rapunzel’s Tower in the Kingdom of Corona. The best spot is the valley overlook when you first appear in the world.

Wish I could ditch work and see the festival, kupo.

This mission can be a bit tricky to complete. After reaching the town of Corona, head toward the town center where the festival is going on.

Once there, try to snap a photo with the mural of Rapunzel and her parents in the background with several people in the forefront.

The game can be a bit finicky about counting a photo as capturing the desired scene, so try switching positions slightly or moving further toward the mural if it doesn’t register the first time.

It takes a hot fire to forge lightning bolts, kupo!

This refers to another location in Olympus. Head up to the Corridors of Mount Olympus and then look for the first rail line you can flow motion grind across.

To the right will be another rail you can grind on. Take it toward a waterway, and then slide down toward a hole leading to a lower portion of the area.

Here you’ll find a hidden forge. Head past the anvil in the center of the room toward a giant flame on the right and snap a photo to complete the mission.

“King of the gods” to some, “Dad” to others, kupo.

An easier photo mission, this one only requires you to take a picture of Zeus. Head to the Apex of the Realm of Gods and get a picture of him in front of the golden gates.

I love watching the tram go by at twilight, kupo.

This mission wants you to snap a photo of the tram in Twilight Town. Position yourself on the side of the tracks in the Tram Common area and take a picture as it approaches you.

Not that it won’t count if Donald or Goofy are on the tracks and stop the tram from moving, so keep them out of the way as much as possible.

Give that hard worker in yellow a raise, kupo!

Following the Monstropolis main storyline, a monster in a yellow hazmat suit can be found in the Power Plant Tank Yard. Take a picture of him and the mission will be cleared.

Somehow I doubt that palace has a fireplace, kupo.

To complete this mission, you’ll have to take a picture of the Ice Palace at the top of the mountain in Arendale. Take a picture with as much of the palace in frame as possible and it should register as completed.

I think I saw a walking, talking snowman, kupo!

Another easy challenge to complete, this requires you to simply find Olaf in Airedale and snap a pic. He can be found in front of the Ice Palace along with Elsa, Anna, Kristoff and the snow giant after completing the world’s main storyline.

Wait, kupo… That green guy looks familiar, kupo!

After constructing the Cactar out of blocks in the Toy Story world, this challenge will become available. Take a picture with the full block figure in view to complete the challenge.

He helps keep the birds out of the field, kupo.

Available after unlocking the Hundred Acre Wood, completing this mission is easy. Take a photo of the scarecrow in Rabbit’s fields and it’ll be crossed off your list.

There it is, kupo. My lucky star, kupo!

While exploring Sanfransokyo at night, a single star can be seen in the clouded sky. Take a picture of it from the top of a skyscraper and you’ll complete this mission.

These fish are swimming through the air, kupo!

To complete this photo mission, you’ll need to take a picture of the flying fish found high up in the sky of Sanfrantokyo during the day. Climb to the top of the world’s taller sky scrapers and take a photo of any one of the fish scattered throughout the city.

Stay by the falls to beat the tropical heat, kupo!

After reaching Port Royal in the Pirates of the Caribbean world, you can find a waterfall to the east of the town next to a bridge. Snap a picture and you’ll be one step closer to completing every photo mission.

Show me a creepy, shadowy swarm, kupo!

Only completable in the final portion of the game, this mission requires you to take a photo of the Shadow Tower enemies constructed from several thousand heartless swarming together.

Wait for a break in its attacks and then take a photo with as much of the full body in the frame as you can.

I google-salute all of your fierce friends, kupo!

The final photo mission requires you to take a picture of each one of your allies across every world, as well as Donald and Goofy. each will pose when you aim the camera at them long enough, and once they do you can snap a pic to count toward the final total.

The challenge keeps track of how many photos you’ve obtained too, so check it regularly to make sure your photos counted toward the challenge’s completion.

That should cover how to complete all Kupo Photo Missions in Kingdom Hearts 3.. For more on the title, check out our Kingdom Hearts 3 guide wiki for everything you’ll need to know about the game.

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