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Here’s the Resident Evil Game Capcom Should Remake Next


Here’s the Resident Evil Game Capcom Should Remake Next

Which Resident Evil Should Capcom Remake Next?

Resident Evil Outbreak

Resident Evil Outbreak was Capcom’s attempt at trying to expand the series in a different direction. While it had plenty of the same elements fan knew and loved, they took the project to a larger scale by adding in cooperative multiplayer.

Online support meant that players from around the world could work together and survive the Raccoon City outbreak as a team. Furthermore, players could even pick their own characters that each had their own unique traits, from crafting medicinal items to picking locks. The game was praised for its attempt at multiplayer, though it fell short due to the lack of voice chat.

With multiplayer becoming one of the newest norms in gaming, what better time than now to bring back Resident Evil Outbreak? With console programs such as party chat and Discord, players can easily find a way to keep in contact with their other survivors. And even if that weren’t the case, Capcom could just add in a built-in voice channel in the game.

Since Resident Evil Outbreak also delves deep into Raccoon City lore, remaking the game would be an excellent way to expand on the other survivors. Leon, Claire, and Jill were far from the only survivors who managed to make it out of Raccoon City alive. Not to mention Capcom had also sneaked in an Outbreak Easter Egg in the Resident Evil 2 Remake, particularly with the statue exit in the precinct lobby.

While Outbreak hadn’t been the most popular game in the series, there’s plenty of potential here if Capcom ever decides to bring it back from the dead.

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