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Farm Together: How to Get Farmhands


Farm Together: How to Get Farmhands

How to Get Farmhands in Farm Together

Farm Together is a seriously addictive farming simulation game that beckons you to keep improving your farm’s efficiency. One sure way to do that is by hiring farmhands to do the heavy lifting on your behalf. Here’s how to get farmhands in Farm Together.

Farmhands are essentially bought labor that will work a 13×13 square area of your farm. Once you have set them up in an area, they will tend to whatever crops are planted in their vicinity.

They will perform tasks such as picking trees, watering and harvest flowers, and feeding and harvest animals, to name a few.

Farmhands are purchased from the farmhand building (surprise, surprise), which unlocks at level 20. Simply press space bar to access the shop and then scroll to the building menu to find it.

You’ll only have them for the number of hours you actually pay them for, which is worth noting. They cost two tickets per hour, and you’ll only be able to hire them for four hours at a time. It’s worth remembering that the timer only ticks down when you’re in the game.

Unfortunately, you can’t just purchase a bunch of farmhands, log-off, and then come back to find you have capped resources –wouldn’t that be nice!

Pro tip: Farmhands might not decrease a flowers’ time to grow by watering it, but they do increase the maximum yield of the crop when it comes to harvest time, which means more profit. So don’t ignore assigning this task because it doesn’t appear to be doing anything at first glance.

That’s all the information you should need about how to get farmhands in Farm Together. For more useful tips and guides on the game, be sure to search Twinfinite.


Question: How do you get farmhands in Farm Together?

Answer: You need to purchase the Farmhand building from the building menu, which only unlocks at level 20. Each hand costs 2 tickets per hour, and you’ll be able to hire them for a maximum of four hours before you need to rehire them.

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