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3 Changes the Resident Evil 2 Remake Got Right, and 1 That Failed


3 Changes the Resident Evil 2 Remake Got Right, and 1 That Failed

Changes in the Resident Evil 2 Remake

Works: Better and More Fleshed Out Story

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Capcom’s Resident Evil 2 remake isn’t a simple retelling of the Raccoon City tragedy; it’s more of a re-imagining. If you play the original PS1 release now, you’ll probably find it hard to stomach the cheesy voice acting and writing.

With the remake, however, Capcom had the opportunity to tell a more coherent story and make it palatable for a modern audience.

The remake features new cutscenes and dialogue that help to make the characters feel like actual human beings. Ada and Sherry, in particular, are more in-depth as characters, and their dynamic with Leon and Claire respectively are enjoyable to watch.

The extra scenes also help Leon and Claire feel stronger as protagonists, and while the plot has never exactly been Resident Evil’s strong suit, the RE2 remake actually manages to keep things interesting from start to finish.

Even as someone who already knows how the general plot plays out, it was still exciting to watch Leon and Claire deal with various obstacles over the course of their journey.

Resident Evil 2 always had the greatest potential in terms of storytelling out of the PS1 games, and Capcom utilized it fully.

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