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Best Kingdom Hearts 3 Summons, All 5 Ranked


Best Kingdom Hearts 3 Summons, All 5 Ranked

Like any other Kingdom Hearts game proper, Kingdom Hearts 3 is host to several summons to help Sora even the odds. Some are better than others though. Here are the best Kingdom Hearts 3 summons ranked from fine to phenomenal.

Best Kingdom Hearts 3 Summons

5. Stitch

Kingdom Hearts 3, Stitch Summon

The little blue ball of chaos returns as one of the more creative combat techniques in Sora’s arsenal.

Armed with his trademark alien blasters and a plasma-based lightning element infusion, Stitch and Sora can team up to set up energy pylons across the battlefield.

Once enough are in place, they can then be connected to form force fields that rip and repel enemies caught in their fields of effectiveness, turning an entire battlefield into dust if players can maneuver themselves around properly.

It’s by no means a bad summon, but it is difficult to execute as intended against the late-game enemy variants. Their faster movement speeds make setting up pylons harrowing, and the slow movement speed of setting up the pylons only worsens this.

It’s still worth checking out, but considering how late in the game it arrives, there’s not a whole lot of room for it to shine or prove its usefulness unless players are willing to back-track to past worlds.

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