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Ace Combat 7: What’s in the Season Pass? Answered

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Ace Combat 7: What’s in the Season Pass? Answered

What’s in the Season Pass for Ace Combat 7?

Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown has finally been released. It features an impressive number of planes for players to obtain and use throughout the campaign. Ace Combat 7 is filled with action-packed dogfights, crazy boss fights, and a large list of customization options for your fighter planes. The campaign is packed with so much to see and is how you will unlock most of the planes currently in the game.

There is plenty of other content to enjoy in the latest entry, as well as more content for players that is included in the season pass. What exactly is in the season pass for Ace Combat 7 though? We have the answer for you right below.

What’s in the Season Pass?

The season pass for the game includes three new planes, three new stages, and an in-game music player. The in-game music player is interesting because it is a feature you cannot obtain or purchase separately. It is exclusive to season pass holders which is a first for the series. Usually, the music player is included in the main game and unlocked after players complete the campaign.

The planes and stages included in the season pass have not been announced just yet, but we know there will be three of each. The season pass is $25 and includes everything mentioned above. You can also purchase the planes and stages separately for $4.99 each, but remember the music player is not purchasable separately so if that is important, be sure to pick up the season pass.

If you purchased the Deluxe Edition of Ace Combat 7 you have already received the season pass as part of the bundle. This version of the game is $84.99 and includes some other items as well.

That’s all you need to know about what’s in the season pass for Ace Combat 7. For more tips, tricks, and guides be sure to check out Twinfinite. You can also read our review of the game if you’re thinking about picking it up.


Question: What’s in the Ace Combat 7 season pass?

Answer: It comes with three new planes, three new stages, and the in-game music player.

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