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6 Highly Anticipated Games That (Probably) Won’t Release This Generation


6 Highly Anticipated Games That (Probably) Won’t Release This Generation

Highly Anticipated Video Games That Aren’t Releasing This Generation

The Last of Us Part II

the last of us part ii, sony, ps4

Since its reveal in 2016, people have eagerly awaited their chance to return to the world of The Last of Us.

Shifting the focus from Joel to an older Ellie, the game looks to be just as dismal, violent and morally ambiguous in its storytelling, with tender moments between lovers mixed together with bloody clashes against raiders.

Unfortunately, a release date continues to elude fans. Each new year and trailer brings with it hopes of finally finding out when it will release only for Naughty Dog and Sony to remain, mums, the word.

While it is still possible that this long-awaited sequel could make its way to the PlayStation 4, Sony’s pivot away from public showcases doesn’t foster confidence in the idea that they’re still holding out many releases for this console generation.

As such, it’s more than possible that The Last of Us Part II will instead be an early AAA release by the company for the next generation, and a huge selling point for prospective buyers of Sony’s next console.

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