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5 Best Anime Coming to Crunchyroll in Winter 2019


5 Best Anime Coming to Crunchyroll in Winter 2019

Best Anime Coming to Crunchyroll in Winter 2019

Boogiepop and Others

Boogiepop Phantom, Anime, 2019,

Within Tokyo, there exist legends of a phantom named Boogiepop that can end people’s pain and suffering. It watches over the world as a guardian, and in times of need, it steps in to protect humanity from monsters from outside and within.

Most believe it to be a simple folk tale, but after a string of mysterious murders, several high schoolers learn the terrifying truth of the phantom’s purpose.

As a terrifying threat looms over them, they’ll have to accept Boogiepop’s existence and do what they can to help it, or else the whole of humanity could face an early extinction for its apathy.

Solemn and thoughtful one moment then action packed the next, Boogiepop and Others provides a pleasant viewing experience for anime fans of all stripes.

Its intertwining character arcs promise to keep the story interesting as well. New revelations and perspectives provided with each new episode that airs hook you in again and again, proving there’s plenty to unpack and decipher from this series.

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