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15 Best New Anime of 2019 to Have on Your Radar


15 Best New Anime of 2019 to Have on Your Radar

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Best New Anime of 2019

1. My Hero Academia Season 4

best new anime 2019

2019 is shaping up to be a breakout year for anime releases, with everything from the latest shonen sensations to long awaited adaptations of seinin classics. Of what’s already been confirmed, whether it is brand new shows, or returning shows with new seasons, these are the 15 best new anime of 2019 to have on your radar.

My Hero Academia had a fantastic year in 2018. Its popularity only grew thanks to a stellar third season, the release of its first feature film My Hero Academia: Two Heroes in theaters worldwide, and a video game adaptation in the form of My Hero: One’s Justice.

It look like it’ll keep up that momentum too, with a fourth season confirmed for release in Oct. 2019 in early December. The announcement came with a key visual of series protagonist Izuku “Deku” Midoriya running alongside Mirio “Lemillion” Togata, one of the top three students at UA.

Though little else has been revealed at this point, the plot points left hanging at the end of season three point toward a new threat emerging to cause havoc and destruction. Midoriya will have to further understand his quirk One for All to stop it, though Mirio and his master may be able to help him along the way.

Studio Bones will retain their role as the series’ production studio, ensuring fans can look forward to plenty more stellar animation and fight scenes. There’s still plenty of time for newcomers to catch up on the series as well, with seasons one through three available subbed via Crunchyroll and dubbed via Funimation.

2. The Promised Neverland

best new anime 2019

Ask anyone who has been keeping up with shonen manga about The Promised Neverland and there’s a good chance they’ll talk your ear off about how long they’ve been looking forward to its anime adaptation.

Set in a world where humans are secretly farmed as food for demons, the plot focuses on Emma, Ray and Norman, three genius children who uncover their twisted fate through chance.

Unwilling to accept their deaths, they begin to plot their escape from the facility where they were raised, all the while outwitting the adults in charge of cultivating them for their eventual slaughter.

Equal parts Hunter X Hunter and Death Note, The Promised Neverland has more brains and creativity than a lot of other anime out there. It’ll be readily available on Crunchyroll starting Jan. 11, 2019 too, making it that much easier to give it a look.

3. Dragon Ball Super: Broly

best new anime 2019

The latest in the long line of films based off of the Dragon Ball series, Dragon Ball Super: Broly has already accrued quite a few accolades leading up to its western release and is certain to be among the best new anime of 2019.

Before the events of the main series, the Saiyan home planet of Vegeta was completely annihilated by Frieza. Of the entire population, only three Saiyan children were spared from its destruction: The low-class Goku, the prince Vegeta, and the barbaric Broly.

Many years later, the three are reunited on Earth, though it proves anything but friendly. It isn’t long before Broly has gone berserk, leaving Goku and Vegeta to team up and stop the monster before he lays their home planet to waste.

From what has already been said about the film, fans know they are in for some of the most well-animated fight scenes in the series to date. That said, there’s also more than enough spectacle to draw in newer fans, making it an experience that any fan of anime should be psyched for.

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