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Top 10 Most Heartbreaking Moments in Kingdom Hearts We Still Can’t Get Over


Top 10 Most Heartbreaking Moments in Kingdom Hearts We Still Can’t Get Over

Kingdom Hearts’ Most Heartbreaking Moments

Underneath its bright and bubbly veneer, Kingdom Hearts is quite often anything but. Beyond the platter of delightful Disney distractions lie moments that range from bittersweet to downright miserable, endings very rarely simple or clean.

An often maudlin cast, all with bright, wistful eyes rub shoulders with the likes of Donald Duck and Mulan’s Mushu, enough quirky delight to balance out the aching core of the series.

As we prepare for the long-awaited finale of the series that’s sure to sucker punch us right in the feels (just look at the Final Battle trailer), let’s drink in some of Kingdom Hearts’ most heart-wrenching moments. Obvious spoilers ahead, now is your chance to turn away if you want! We’ll start with a “fun” one to get started, but after this you’ve been warned!

10. The Many Deaths of Donald Duck

Ah yes, truly our most tragic hero. Our magical sidekick, taken too early from this world…again, and again, and again.

He joins Sora and Goofy in battle as a lifeless pile, as a spellcaster who refuses to help in any way. Are you low on health? Here, a nice, needless Blizzaga will patch that right up. Oh, you’ve just healed Sora? Let me help you out there. No, I insist.

Donald is everything you don’t want in battle. A tragic mage and a tragic accomplice, whenever you need him you know exactly where he is – unconscious on the floor.

Whilst we’re starting this list comically, there’s nothing funny about having your chief healer dead in a key moment, like a particularly arduous boss battle. That’s a Greek tragedy in itself.

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