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Twitter’s Best Reactions to Sonic’s Horrific Looking Movie Design


Twitter’s Best Reactions to Sonic’s Horrific Looking Movie Design

If you’ve yet to feast your eyes on the abomination that is the live-action version of Sonic the Hedgehog, then lucky you. Today, Paramount Pictures have released a shadowed out teaser of our first look of Sonic in the real world.

Even though the movie will almost certainly be terrible, and this reveal was something out of our worst nightmares, at least it will serve as perfect meme fuel. Let’s take a look at the best of the best. Let’s start of course with what kicked everything off.

Paramount is ditching the whole “one big eyeball” look that Sonic usually has, so expect him to look just like everyone’s favorite ice cream.

If Sonic doesn’t look like this, then we’re rioting.

Just look at that protruding eyeball? Who did this? Can it actually please look like the ice cream?

Why hide the hedgehog? Just give it to us Paramount! Let us see. We’ll tell you if he looks bad, don’t you worry.

How can they mess up the ring sound?

Is Sonic supposed to the villain in this film? Cause I would be terrified.

Someone’s been doing his leg presses.

Sonic actually looks kinda cute here; I would take this over live-action Sonic any day.

Not even Mario approves this.

“Oh god.”

The Sonic Movie… speeds… into cinemas Nov 2019. Did we mention that the movie is being produced by the same person who worked on The Fast and The Furious (what a coincidence); and for some reason, that header doesn’t provide us with any more hope that it won’t be pure garbage.

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