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8 Video Game Franchises Most Likely to Fade Away Next


8 Video Game Franchises Most Likely to Fade Away Next

Due to the sheer scope of competition, if you aren’t on the top of your game in the video game industry, even the biggest franchises face the possibility of cancellation. From Dead Space to Silent Hill, we’ve seen plenty of examples recently that show name brand recognition isn’t enough anymore.

Below is a list of game franchises most likely to fade away next.

Video Game Franchises Most Likely to Fade Away Next


First released back in 2010, Darksiders was met with praise, as critics were pleasantly surprised by the title’s combat, voice acting, and unique world. Even though it had its flaws, the sequel, Darksiders II, was met with similar compliments.

Yet there’s no doubt we were all a bit surprised when Darksiders III was announced last year. As good as the previous games had been, was anyone actually expecting a third title to complete the trilogy? Still, we weren’t complaining about having the chance to relive the glory days with another epic Fury adventure.

Unfortunately, that sounded better on paper than in practice. Technical problems and changes to combat made many who loved the first two gritty hack and slash titles more than a little disappointed in Darksiders III. The title has seen mixed reviews and the overall hype around its recent launch just hasn’t created the buzz we’d have expected.

While there are Four Horsemen, and thus a video game set to be led by each, it seems doubtful that Strifes’ game will see the light of day anytime soon. Not least because it rather feels as though the industry has left Darksiders behind. It’s an oldfashioned, AA sort of experience that doesn’t feel as though it has enough to it to compete these days. Perhaps we’ll be pleasently surprised, though, who knows…

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