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Pokemon Let’s Go Seafoam Islands Guide: How to Catch Articuno


Pokemon Let’s Go Seafoam Islands Guide: How to Catch Articuno

How to Catch Articuno at Seafoam Islands in Pokemon Let’s Go

Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu and Eevee allow both newcomers and longtime fans to revisit the iconic Kanto region, and most of it has stayed the same, which means that the legendary bird Pokemon are here as well. Aside from Victory Road, Seafoam Islands might be one of the most annoying labyrinths to navigate in the game, so we’re here to help you out. Here’s how to catch Articuno at the Seafoam Islands in Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu and Eevee.

Getting to the Seafoam Islands

Once you’ve obtained the Sea Skim Secret Technique in Fuchsia City, you can technically already start making your way to the Seafoam Islands and Articuno itself. You can get there from the southern part of Fuchsia City, or the eastern part of Cinnabar Island.

If you’re at Fuchsia City, head south from the Poke Mart till you reach the ocean, then keep heading south past all the swimmers and beauties till you reach the island. Similarly, if you’re at Cinnabar Island, get into the water from the eastern part of the area and keep swimming till you find the island.

Navigating the Seafoam Islands

So, the Seafoam Islands in Pokemon Let’s Go have pretty much remained the same in terms of layout and what you need to do to reach Articuno. The key here is to use the Strong Push Secret Technique to push four blocks into the holes in the ground until they fall into the water at the very bottom of the cave.

Assuming you’re coming in from Fuchsia City, we’ve listed out the steps you need to take to reach Articuno in Pokemon Let’s Go:

  • Head to the northeastern corner of this first room to find a boulder near a hole. Push it into the hole.
  • Go back near the entrance and head north to find a Coach Trainer.
  • From the Coach Trainer’s position, keep heading east to find another block you can push through the nearby hole, and do so.
  • Take the ladder down just north of here.
  • Push the block through the hole, then take the same ladder back up.
  • Go back to the Coach Trainer, and take the ladder down.
  • In the northeastern part of this room, push the block down the hole.
  • Now, go northwest and take the ladder down that you just passed.
  • Head down the nearby ladder.
  • Go to the eastern part of this room to find another block that needs to be pushed through the hole.
  • Go back up the ladder you just came from, then head down the ramp to take another ladder down.
  • To your left, you should see another ladder heading down. Take that.
  • Go left and enter the water, and you’ll be forced to another part of the island.
  • Head north to find another ladder down, and take it.
  • Go to the northeastern part of this room, and take the ladder up.
  • Head up the next ladder you find here.
  • You’ll find another block that needs to be pushed, so do that, then head back down the previous two ladders.
  • Head west and take the ladder up.
  • Head to the southeastern corner of the room and push the left block through the hole.
  • From here, you should see two more blocks next to each other in the southwestern corner of the room.
  • Push the right block up twice, then push the left block down, and to the left. Then push the block down into the hole.
  • Just west of here, you should see another block that can be easily pushed into another hole. Do that.
  • Now, drop through the hole and head north to find Articuno.

Fighting Articuno in Pokemon Let’s Go

Like the other two legendary bird Pokemon, Articuno appears as a level 50 enemy, and you’ll have to defeat it in battle before you can catch it. As an Ice-type, Articuno is weak to Fire-types, so if you have a good Fire Pokemon, you should be set. There’s a five-minute timer as well, so be quick about it.

After beating Articuno, you’ll be able to attempt to capture it. We recommend using a Silver Razz Berry, then start pelting it with Ultra Balls. Remember to save your game before triggering the fight with Articuno, just in case you run out of Balls or it escapes.

That’s all you need to know about how to get through the Seafoam Islands and catching Articuno in Pokemon Let’s Go. Be sure to check our Pokemon Let’s Go guide wiki for more tips and information on the game. If you’re looking for post-game content to get into, we’ve got you covered as well.

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