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Battlefield V: How to Spot an Enemy


Battlefield V: How to Spot an Enemy

How to Spot an Enemy in Battlefield V

Spotting has been overhauled in Battlefield V. Even if you were a veteran of the previous games, it’s easy to be a bit confused with how to spot in Battlefield V. It’s a bit different for Scouts, and non-Scouts.

Previously, in Battlefield 1, you had the benefit of being able to spot an enemy quite easily. Merely aim down the sights near an enemy, press R1/RB, and that enemy’s location would be temporarily revealed for teammates.

Scouts could be across the map and easily spot enemies from far away while aiming. This has been changed in Battlefield V.

When you press R1/RB now, you default to marking a location that will ping on your squad members’ maps. Any class can do this. You can still spot an enemy in Battlefield V, but not to the same effect, and like marking maps, anyone can do this.

First, you must be perfectly aimed onto an enemy in order to mark them. It’s much less forgiving than in the previous game where you could be pretty close and it was good enough. If you’re even a little way off, you’re going to mark a location instead.

If you do successfully spot an enemy, instead of that person being revealed completely for a short time, it will now only reveal the last known location to your squad.

Spotting Enemies as a Scout

Scouts get some advantages in the spotting and marking territory in Battlefield V, although they aren’t as efficient as they once were.

Scouts get gadgets which aid in the location reveal of enemies. Most importantly, there’s the Spotting Scope, which allows you to spot enemies like you did in previous games.

Simply press left on the directional pad to bring it out, and then look down the sight towards enemies.

This will reveal their location to teammates. It’s not as efficient as being able to do this while aiming down the sights of your rifle like you used to, but it will get the job done and get you assist points.

This can be replaced by the Flare Gun when you reach level 4 Scout, which is less precise, but if used correctly in an area with lots of enemies, will reveal everyone in its proximity all at once instead of one by one with vision.

In addition to those two gadgets, there’s the Sniper Decoy, which spots enemies that shoot at it, similar to what it did in previous games.

Finally, specifically for Sniper specialized scouts, when they shoot an enemy, that enemy gets revealed to the team. So make sure that you’re setting up in a good position and locating enemies this way.

That does it for how to spot an enemy in Battlefield V. For more info about the game, take a gander at the latest multiplayer trailer, the most recent news on the status of its battle royale mode, and DICE’s approach to war stories this time around.

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