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SoulCalibur VI Clothes & Outfits Guide: How to Get More Clothes & Change Outfits


SoulCalibur VI Clothes & Outfits Guide: How to Get More Clothes & Change Outfits

How to Get More Clothes & Change Outfits in SoulCalibur VI Clothes & Outfits Guide

A brand new entry in the fighting game series SoulCalibur is finally here, with SoulCalibur VI. With a large roster of characters to choose from, each with their own distinct fighting style and vibrant personality, it isn’t hard to stand out among your opponents. However, fighting games have a large selection of alternate costumes and accessories to further emphasize player personality.

In SoulCalibur VI this is still the case, but these extra items are not obtained in-game. At least we haven’t found any ways in-game to unlock more, but we’ll make sure to update you if that changes. You must purchase DLC Pack 1, which will give you access to the fighter Tira as well as some in-game customization items. Changing clothes and outfits is done exactly the same way as changing a character’s appearance.

You can change the appearance of your custom character in Libra of Souls anytime you want, and you can also change the looks of any custom characters you make as well as the main cast of SoulCalibur VI.

For your Libra of Souls character simply open up the story mode then hit triangle(Y on Xbox) when on the map to open up the player menu. From there you can select the “Creation” option. Once inside of there, you can change your created character’s appearance, equipping new clothes, facial features, accessories, and more.

To change the look of your other creations go to the main menu and select “Creation”. From there just pick the character you want to edit, or make a new one. When you choose a new character slot, if you select the “SoulCalibur Character Customization” you will be able to change the appearance of the main roster of fighters.

Once you’ve selected a fighter and have customized to them to your liking you can save your character and use them in other modes, including online battles. This allows you to have more freedom within the world of SoulCalibur VI and express yourself however you like.

It is presumed that further DLC packs will include more in-game items for customization and appearance editing. It is important to note these items have no in-game effect and are simply cosmetic items. They are nothing more than visual flair for player’s enjoyment.

It has been six years since the release of SoulCalibur V and people are hungry for more.

If your soul still burns you can check out more tips, tricks and guides be sure to search Twinfinite, check out our SoulCalibur VI Wiki, and our review of SoulCalibur VI.


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