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Pokemon GO Meltan: How to Catch Meltan


Pokemon GO Meltan: How to Catch Meltan

How to Catch Meltan in Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO is Niantic’s answer to having Pokemon exist in the real world. Okay, so Pokemon aren’t actually appearing in the real world, but by using the mobile application, you can pretend that they actually exist. By using geo-location, you can catch Pokemon all around you by exploring the world, living the life of an actual Pokemon trainer. This includes the newest Pokemon addition, Meltan.

If you’re looking to complete your Pokedex in Pokemon GO and attempting to be the very best, you might be wondering how to capture the newly announced mythical Pokemon, Meltan. Meltan is a Steel-type Pokemon that looks like a little nut but almost his entire body is composed of liquid metal.

The only way to acquire Meltan in Pokemon GO is by playing Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu and/or Let’s Go Eevee, which comes out for the Switch on Nov 16. It appears that you will need to have both Pokemon GO and Let’s Go in order to capture it, making it the first exclusive Pokemon in this manner. Getting a mystery box is the only way to complete Meltan’s special research, and to get this mystery box, you’re going to have to send a Pokemon from Pokemon GO to Pokemon Let’s Go.

Once you acquire the mystery box in Pokemon GO, you can open it up to release Meltan in the wild around you, but only for 30 minutes at a time. You’ll only be able to open up another mystery box once the cooldown period has ended, but you have to send another Pokemon into Pokemon Let’s Go if you want another shot.

Well, that’s all you need to know about catching Meltan in Pokemon GO. For everything else Pokemon GO related, please be sure to check out our ever-expanding Pokemon GO wiki guide; it’s full of handy dandy information that will surely help you become the best trainer that you can be.

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