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5 More Games That Still Need the VR Treatment


5 More Games That Still Need the VR Treatment

5 More Games That Need the VR Treatment

Red Dead Redemption 2


News that Borderlands 2, a game that is six years old, will be getting a VR version got us thinking about which older games should have the same luxury. VR has a rejuvenating ability on older titles, especially in regards to horror and adventure games. Titles such as Alien: Isolation has enjoyed a renaissance period on the platform, with these following five games deserving of a similar VR revival.

While Red Dead Redemption 2 is not launching until Oct. 26, news that the game will be shipping with a first-person mode made VR-nuts dizzy. When a game has first-person, there is potential there for virtual reality. Grand Theft Auto V has only received an unofficial VR patch, which, by all accounts, was a little difficult to stomach given the game’s contents. With Red Dead Redemption 2’s varied biomes, nature, and organically-evolving open world, though, a virtual reality addition would be incredible.

If the title is ported to next-generation consoles, then maybe it can come with VR capabilities, much like how the PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One ports of Grand Theft Auto V came with a first-person mode. Similar to how the first-person driving view in Grand Theft Auto diversified the game, first-person horseriding and exploration through the Frontier can diversify the potential of open-world games as a whole.

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