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Fortnitemares Gargoyle Locations: Where to Dance in Front of Gargoyles in Fortnite


Fortnitemares Gargoyle Locations: Where to Dance in Front of Gargoyles in Fortnite

Here’s Where to Dance in Front of Gargoyles During Fortnitemares

With Fortnitemares officially out, there are quite a few new things for players to earn and experience. There’s new skins, pick axes and more. There’s also some new spooky challenges players are tasked with completing. One of those spooky challenges will see players dancing in front of different gargoyles. Makes sense, right? Gargoyles are forced to sit on a corner all day long while perching completely still. They deserve some hot dancing action, right? Anyway, here’s where to dance in front of gargoyles in Fortnite. Get out there and put a stone smile on their faces! Here’s where to dance in front of Gargoyles for the Fortnitemares challenges in Fortnite.

While we have detailed descriptions below that walk you right to the gargoyle, here’s an overview map to give you an idea of the Gargoyles locations for the Fortnitemares challenges at a glance.

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Fortnitemares Gargoyles Location 1 — Tomato Temple

When you drop, head to Tomato Temple, the holiest of holy temples in the land (praise be to Tomato Person). Once there, head to the area of this section of the map where the ground has fallen in. It’s not too far from the main part of this area. Just outside of the actual Tomato Temple itself, in the area where the ground has sunken through, there should be a perched gargoyle just begging for you to bust a move.

Fortnitemares Gargoyles Location 2 — Haunted Hills

One of the easiest gargoyles to find, this one is perched up within the main hall of the Haunted Hills castle. So, drop in Haunted Hills, head for the giant castle and go straight to the center area of it. There, in the great hall, you’ll see the gargoyle you need to dance in front of.

Fortnitemares Gargoyles Location 3 — Viking Village

After you drop into the Viking Village, look for the largest building. It’s on the far side of the main hall on top of the hill. You can’t miss it. Once there, head inside and the gargoyle should be in plain sight.

Fortnitemares Gargoyles Location 4 — Flush Factory

This gargoyle isn’t actually located within Flush Factory, but it’s so close that Flush Factory acts as a good starting point to find this gargoyle. North of Flush Factory, you should see a giant mountain. The gargoyle is perched right on top of this mountain. So, before you drop, look for Flush Factory and then mark the mountain north of it.

Fortnitemares Gargoyles Location 5 — Wailing Woods/Risky Reels

This gargoyle isn’t technically a part of either Wailing Woods or Risky Reels. In fact, it’s right between these two areas of the map on the hill that sits in the middle. Look for this hill and atop it should be the gargoyle you’re looking for.

Fortnitemares Gargoyles Location 6 — Retail Row

Once you’ve dropped into Retail Row, head to the store with the Battle Bus on top of it. It’s the house most to the north — that’s the one you’re looking for. Head inside and go to the basement. Within is the gargoyle who requests your dance moves.

Fortnitemares Gargoyles Location 7 — Lazy Links

Like some of the other gargoyles, this gargoyle isn’t actually located in this part of the map. Instead, it is west of Lazy Links. As you head west of Lazy Links, be on the lookout for a mine shaped like an umbrella. Deep within this mine is the gargoyle you’re looking for.

And there you have absolutely everything you need to know to find all Fortnitemares Gargoyle locations in Fortnite. For more tips, tricks, and information on the game, be sure to check out our Fortnite Season 6 guide wiki.

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