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FIFA 19 The Journey: How to Get All Endings


FIFA 19 The Journey: How to Get All Endings

How to Get All Endings in FIFA 19 The Journey

With the release of FIFA 19 comes the end to the franchise’s career mode trilogy, The Journey. Spanning over three games, starting with FIFA 17, the story followed Alex Hunter, detailing his rise through the Premier League.

Throughout The Journey, players control Alex Hunter’s actions, both on and off the pitch, each resulting in different story prompts. In the end, each game ended at a similar point, in order for the story to continue fluidly in the next iteration. This isn’t the case in FIFA 19.

Since FIFA 19 doesn’t need to set up a story for the next installment in The Journey, it has a couple of different endings. Alongside this, FIFA 19 has three different characters that you can control, each with multiple endings. Here’s everything you need to know to get all endings in FIFA 19 The Journey.

Kim Hunter

Shake or Fake

For the only female player in FIFA 19 The Journey, Kim Hunter’s ending culminates in the FIFA Women’s World Cup final against Canada. For this ending, you’ll need to win the match. Unlike the other two characters, there isn’t much of a difference between the two choices for Kim, just slight dialogue and action sequences.

At the start of the match, you’ll be presented with the option of shaking the hand of rival Canadian player Melanie Trembley. If you go to shake her hand, she’ll draw it back to fake you out. If you decide not to, Hunter simply comments “Yeah, as if, Trembly.” While this decision doesn’t affect the ending, it does call back to it.

After winning the match, you’ll once again be presented with the option of shaking Trembley’s hand, who is down on the ground, sitting in defeat. This time though, Hunter has the option of whether to shake or fake. If they do shake, the players will complement each other, stating they are each both great players. If you decide to fake her out, Hunter gets her revenge, leaving Trembley sitting on the ground after faking her out to go celebrate.

Regardless of which option you choose, this ending will trigger a final cutscene in which Kim is packing up her Los Angeles apartment. While talking over leaving the city for the first time with her dad, Harold mentions that Alex’s agent, Bea, was able to land her a professional contract at a major club

Losing the World Cup

If Kim Hunter ends up losing against Canada in the final game, the ending doesn’t feature the option to shake or fake a handshake with Trembley. Instead, there will simply be a small cutscene talking about Canada’s win, despite the fact that they were underdogs.

Similar to the winning ending, Kim is packing up her LA apartment in the finals scene for this ending. Instead of landing a major contract though, it is revealed that she is headed somewhere in California to finish college.

For more on how to get all endings in FIFA 19 The Journey for Danny Williams and Alex, too, keep on reading.

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