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Spider-Man PS4: Where MJ Is (Spoilers)


Spider-Man PS4: Where MJ Is (Spoilers)

Where MJ Is in Spider-Man PS4

There are some characters that are just flat out iconic to the ever-changing series of Spider-Man. Peter Parker, Aunt May, Miles Morales (more recent), Harry Osborn, and – of course – Mary Jane Watson. But if you’re starting up the game and heard the rumblings prior to its release, you’re likely wondering where she is so you can play as her. Fear not! Here’s where MJ is within Spider-Man for the PS4.

Possible minor story spoilers follow. I have to warn you.

To come across her and eventually play through the segments with her, you need to continue on through the main story missions.

Simple answer, I know, but it’s true! Eventually, Spider-Man is going to come across a DSLR hanging off some shelves. He’s going to note that he recognizes it and lo and behold, he does! Because Mary Jane comes in, knocking out an enemy that was about to hit him. You find out that they may not be dating anymore, but she definitely knows he’s Peter Parker.

Anyway, from there on, there will be points in the game where the fast-paced action of Spidey is broken up by stealth segments as you play through as MJ. It’s a bit of a weird pacing, I won’t lie, but it’s cool to play as other characters, I suppose.

That’s all there is to it! That’s where MJ is in Spider-Man for the PS4. You just need to have a little bit of patience and you’ll be able to catch some good ol’ romantic scenes between her and Peter. They’re cute together. It’s great.

If you need any more help with Spider-Man, check out our wiki over here! It’s constantly changing up so you’ll be sure to find something that helps you. Or spoils you, whatever you want. If you’d like to ask us directly, leave a comment down below.

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