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Spider-Man PS4: Story Summary (Spoilers)


Spider-Man PS4: Story Summary (Spoilers)

Before we go any further, this is your final warning for plenty of spoilers for Spider-Man PS4. If you’re wanting to play the story at your own leisure and uncover the twists and turns for yourself, turn back now. If you don’t care, or just want something clearing up with an explanation, then keep reading on. Here’s the story summary for Spider-Man PS4.

Spider-Man PS4 Story & Ending Summary

Act 1

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Spider-Man PS4 kicks things off pretty quickly in Act 1. While, for the most part, it’s about getting to know Spider-Man, the man behind the mask, Peter Parker, and the other supporting characters along the way. Peter Parker is a 20-something who’s been struggling to make ends meet for a while now. He works at Octavius Laboratories, working for Otto Octavius. He juggles this job that grants him the experience he wants to break into the scientific field, and his role as Spider-Man, saving the city from crime.

Fortunately, Spider-Man has some friends within NYPD, and Captain Yuri Watanabe is one of them. It doesn’t take long before she’s letting Spider-Man know that Kingpin (Wilson Fisk) is causing some commotion out on the streets and it’s finally time to put him behind bars. It’s revealed that Kingpin has a lot of influence in New York as… well… the Kingpin of New York’s criminal underbelly. He’s had some cops in his pocket to turn a blind eye, and it’s finally time to put it to an end. Spidey, of course, manages to save the day and put Kingpin behind bars, but not before Fisk lets Spider-Man know that he’ll miss him in a month when everyone else is trying to take his throne.

A few days pass, and Peter is busy working at Octavius Laboratories. Otto is working hard on some prosthetic arms that can be neurally connected to his brain and enable him to control them mentally. However, it turns out that Norman Osmond and Otto has a bit of a bust-up, and eventually parted ways. Osmond had been funding Otto’s lab space, but shows up to check out what’s going on… and break the news that he’s pulling all funding due to a clause within the contract that they signed.

Taking a break from the action, Peter also decides to go and spend some time seeing his Aunt May, who works for Martin Li, a philanthropist who’s also been working hard at the FEAST homeless shelter.

Of course, the calm can’t last for long, and so it turns out that Shocker has somehow broken out of the large RAFT prison, and is going around causing all kinds of electricity-related chaos. After Spidey chases after him and takes him down, it’s revealed that he’s been working for somebody, and somebody that really terrifies him, too. Someone who was able to influence the guards at the RAFT to just let Shocker free.

Flicking to another of the supporting characters is Mary Jane, commonly referred to as MJ in the game. She’s an investigative reporter and Peter’s ex-girlfriend, but the two get on all the same and she’s already aware that he is Spider-Man. Together, the two of them stumble upon some old mask that appears to be a Japanese artifact of some sort. They discuss it over a coffee, before Peter realizes Martin Li, an art historian, might be able to assist with his expert knowledge.

Heading over to FEAST, Peter brings the mask to Martin Li to check it out. Unfortunately, Martin Li doesn’t really shed a whole ton of light on this mysterious mask for us, aside from warning Peter to tell MJ to stay out of it, and that it “scares the crap out of him.”

Eventually, MJ does some sleuthing skills and manages to locate a warehouse that they believe those that wear these masks are working out of. Spider-Man heads out there and is paired up with a bad-ass cop named Jefferson Davis. After sleuthing around and finding some hidden documents which clear up a little bit about what these “Demons” want, the two end up in a car chase against the “Demons.”

Sadly, Jefferson Davis, not being a superhero and all, is seriously injured in the process and MJ writes a story on him in the Daily Bugle, revering him as a hero for his work assisting Spider-Man taking down the Demons. It’s revealed that Jefferson will receive a presentation in his honor at City Hall. Oh, we also find out that he’s Miles Morales’ father!

Things move along a bit, and eventually it’ll come time for the presentation at City Hall. While Norman Osmond is presenting the award to Jefferson Davis, he receives a call, and is told that whoever’s on the other end of the line wants to make him suffer and take everything from him. Before long, Demons appear in the crowd and begin setting off bombs, killing Jefferson Davis in the process, while Norman Osborn is able to get away safely.

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