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Spider-Man PS4: Is it Open World?


Spider-Man PS4: Is it Open World?

Is Spider-Man PS4 Open World?

Here’s everything you need to know about whether or not Spider-Man PS4 is open world.

Join Peter Parker on another adventure as he swings his way through New York City in Spider-Man for PS4. Like all the other games in the series, you’ll be chasing after villains, saving civilians, and taking on a slew of other quests that are scattered around the vast map.

As large as New York City actually is, some players might still be wondering if the game has an open world.

Like most other Spider-Man games in the past, the PS4 game follows the same vein by offering an expansive area to explore. The game does offer an expansive world, with surprises waiting at every nook and cranny. The game urges players to explore the map, rewarding them with different quests and Easter eggs scattered around the city.

Also, nothing comes close to the feeling you get when slinging around buildings and zooming around the city like, well, a superhero. When it comes to the map, you can unlock more of the surrounding areas by climbing atop certain buildings and using the highest point as a way to get a better view of the city below.

That said, there are also a few other ways you can get around New York City in the Spidey-verse, particularly by traveling on foot. As you progress through the story, you’ll unlock more activities in the game’s open world.

During some points, NPCs might even approach you and point out a certain mission or quest going on in different locations. The open world is constantly changing and evolving around your progress, and you’ll find yourself stacked with different activities later on in the game.

It’s definitely worth exploring the open world and familiarizing yourself with some of the locations on the map. If you’re looking for some help on Spider-Man for PS4, take a look at out expansive wiki for some helpful tips and tricks on the game.

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