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10 4K HDR Spider-Man Wallpapers that Need to Be Your New Desktop Background


10 4K HDR Spider-Man Wallpapers that Need to Be Your New Desktop Background

Spider-Man for PS4 is nothing short of gorgeous with its vibrant visuals and stunning graphics. The game looks simply breathtaking as you swing from building to building throughout the streets of New York City. The web-slinging hero himself is looking better than ever, upgraded with a strapping suit with some nifty new gadgets. That said, what better way to spruce up your PS4 or PC than with some awesome new HD wallpapers?

In celebration of the game’s recent release, we’ve compiled the best 4K HDR Spider-Man wallpapers makes the perfect background on any screen. Check ‘em out below and tell us which one is your favorite in the comments. Oh, and if you’re on the fence about the game, make sure to check out our full review of Spider-Man for PS4.

Troubles brewing; the Spider-Sense is tingling. Download

Rain or shine, Spidey’s always fighting crime. Download

He’s just your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man! Download

Slingin’ into action. Download

Spider-Man vs the Scorpion. Download

Stopping crime one baddie at a time. Download

One good kick should knock him out. Download

Spidey has no time to use the door. Download

Weaving through the bullet fire. Download

“With great power comes great responsibility.” Download

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